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District manager, Svenska Spel and Vegas partner

"It has been quite simple to bring the sceptics around by explaining the purpose behind registration."
Lars Rimeslotten, Vegas partner

Aziz Jakobson, District manager, Svenska Spel and Lars Rimeslotten, Vegas partner

Lars Rimeslotten runs a lunch restaurant in Tyresö where he offers games on Svenska Spel’s VLTs. Aziz Jakobson is Svenska Spel’s district manager where Lars has his business. Their discussions regarding the implemen­tation of obligatory registration laid the basis for a positive reception by the customers.

Aziz Jakobson, District manager, Svenska Spel

 "Our business partners have had a key role in explaining to the customers that this is about providing themselves – and no one else – with a tool to allow them to keep track of their behaviour."

How have Svenska Spel’s business partners reacted to obligatory registration?

“Initially, there was considerable resistance but this gave way as the majority accepted the situation. Some business partners have shown great understanding and think this is good tool for individuals with a risk of developing gaming problems. ­Naturally, the transition was smoother with those business partners who, right from the start, worked actively with their customers to ensure it would all work.”

What counter arguments have you met to registration?

“Occasionally, this has meant that individuals who are not registered as living in Sweden have not been able to play, which has resulted in some additional work for the business partners. Naturally, some business partners are concerned about losing revenue. There are also some customers who are concerned that the authorities will monitor their gaming. This is where our business partners have had a key role in explaining to the players that this is about providing themselves – and no one else – with a tool to allow them to keep track of their behaviour.”

What have you discussed with your business partners in conjunction with the implementation of obligatory registration?

“Naturally, we prepared our business partners for what was coming. We paid a visit to all of them and informed them how logging in would be carried out. During the launch, we had a major information campaign and gaming hosts at a few larger restaurants. We have followed up by answering questions from our business partners with the help of Svenska Spel’s telephone support. We have discussed the advantages and dis­advantages and listened to the suggestions contributed by business partners for technical improvements. Some of the suggestions have since been implemented to make things ­simpler for both customers and business partners.”

What do you think of this measure?

“I think it is positive for those who are in the risk zone to have a tool that enables them to set their own limits. It is now ­possible for them to keep things under control and play more healthily.”


Lars Rimeslotten, Affärspartner Vegas, Tyresö

Svenska Spel has introduced obligatory game registration. What is your opinon on that?

“I was hesitant to start with, but I think it works well. I think registration can have a preventive effect and help some customers who were on their way to develop gaming problems to gain a better overview. It becomes a tool that allows them to have control and set reasonable limits in terms of how long and how much to play. It could make them reconsider their gaming behaviour. On the other hand, I don’t think that anyone who already has a gambling addiction will be helped by using a Spelkortet customer card.”  

What reactions have you had from customers?

“I’ve met varying reactions, from customers who accept the change without questioning anything to those who believe that the customer data will be used by the State to control people’s gaming habits. But it has been quite simple to bring the sceptics around by explaining the purpose behind registration. By and large, customers were quick to accept the change and now any complaints are because logging in or something similar is not working smoothly.”  

How have you been affected as a business partner?

“I must admit, I didn’t exactly shout with joy when I heard about the measure. Naturally. I thought it would have a negative impact on my revenue. However, I have decided to take a positive approach and have noticed that revenue really hasn’t declined that much.”

What discussions have you had with Svenska Spel in ­conjunction with the launch?

“I received excellent material in the form of brochures and signs to set up on walls that did half the job. In addition, I had excellent discussions with my contact at Svenska Spel who has been here and explained how it works. He had a ­positive approach which wore off on me and, in turn, on my customers. Our discussions helped me to phrase excellent arguments and answers to customers’ questions.”