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Enjoyment and teamwork in mobile customer interaction

Over the last year, mobile gaming has developed into one of the most exciting areas in the gaming industry. Growth is strong and, in 2014, Svenska Spel prepared well for this growth through the launch of a modern gaming platform and a new format for the mobile gaming service for smartphones and tablet devices.

Gaming and betting on mobile phones is becoming increasingly widespread and is now essential in order to meet competition.

The aim of this development has been to allow the gaming ­experience and responsibility to go hand-in-hand to create a ­positive total experience. The most demanding customer requirements and drivers have also provided guidance.

The new service allows customers to display their skills and increase their chances of winning by playing together and sharing the amount staked.

Mobile services create an entirely new level of accessibility ­compared with other channels. Development is progressing toward increasingly social gaming forms, where customers share tips and share the stakes and winnings.

In 2015, the existing gaming site at svenskaspel.se will be upgraded.