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Rewarding customer interaction


Svenska Spel’s customers are offered a complete experience, whereby gaming enjoyment builds on an attractive customer offering and taking substantial responsibility.

Rewarding customer interaction

Svenska Spel ska ha ett attraktivt kunderbjudande. Lyhördheten för kundernas behov och önskemål är central för att utveckla verksamheten och erbjudandet i rätt riktning. Kunderna efterfrågar i första hand spännande och nya upp­levelser, men värdesätter äSvenska Spel has an attractive customer offering. Responsiveness to customers’ needs and wishes are crucial for developing operations and the offering in the right direction. Customers first and foremost demand exciting and new experiences but also value responsibility. Experiences and responsibility go hand in hand to create a positive total experience. As part of being where customers are, Svenska Spel has a well-developed service and distributes games throughout Sweden.


Svenska Spel should be customers’ first choice. Customers are offered a complete experience, whereby gaming enjoyment builds on an attractive customer offering and taking substantial responsibility. The offering should strengthen Svenska Spel’s competitiveness through an enhanced image, customer satisfaction index, responsibility and market shares. Gaming should feel safe and secure with Svenska Spel. ­Svenska Spel actively combats money laundering, fraud and other gaming-related corruption.

Target fulfilment in 2014

The customer satisfaction index (CSI) for 2014 climbed to 72% (62). Every quarter, Svenska Spel measures the percentage of Sweden’s population that is expressly positive to the Company, which is known as its image rating. In 2014, that value was 61%, which was a decline of one percentage point ­compared with the preceding year. Svenska Spel has the highest image rating in the gaming industry. The closest other operator has an image rating of 47% (47).

Svenska Spel’s market share is estimated at 43%, which is down somewhat compared with 2013. The total gaming market declined about 1%. Svenska Spel has lost market shares on the online channel due to the rapid growth of online ­casinos at unregulated gaming companies without permits. Shares via the retail channel are relatively unchanged.

The increase in customer satisfaction is perceived as primarily being attributable to the digital investments made during the year, for example, new mobile apps, the sport service and the raised payout percentage for Oddset that was introduced in 2013. Aside from the above, analysis shows that customers are also positive to the introduction of more effective and consistent responsible gaming measures.

Substantial investment in the digital offering

Gaming over the digital channels is growing fastest and is where competition from offshore, unregulated gaming companies is most intense. Svenska Spel has a market share of 24% (23) on the digital channels but, during the year, made substantial investments to strengthen its digital market position.

To meet customers’ expectations and offer an enhanced customer experience, in 2014, Svenska Spel launched a new digital gaming platform for mobile phones with a new design, new functionality and new services.

One of the most noticeable major changes is a sports ­service that provides customers with fast, live updates and match results. In parallel, a new modern generation of gaming system was put into operation with the aim of supporting more consistent customer interaction across all channels.

The new mobile service in combination with obligatory registration means Svenska Spel can better adapt the service to users. This mainly means providing functions that give customers an overview of their own gaming and the ability to set limits in terms of time and money. The customers can view their gaming log, exclude themselves from games in all of Svenska Spel’s channels and are alerted to unhealthy changes in gaming behaviour.

Read more about the investments here.

Consideration and integrity

The ability to keep track of your gaming is important for the total gaming experience. Customers have high expectations for Svenska Spel to take responsibility and the Company views responsible gaming as a key competitive advantage. As part of meeting customers’ and other stakeholders’ expectations, in 2014, Svenska Spel introduced a new and consistent version of responsible gaming. The implementation of obligatory registration for all games excluding paper lottery tickets and casino games was a prerequisite for the above. Among other things, the aim is to offer customers good and efficient tools for controlling their gaming and setting limits.

Maintaining protection of customers’ integrity has been a core issue in the introduction of obligatory registration. Customers are clearly informed on registration how Svenska Spel handles their details and in which form the customers should communicate with the Company. An obligatory, e-learning course has been prepared, whereby Svenska Spel’s employees are trained in how to treat customers’ details and an in-depth workshop has been held with employees that handle customer details directly. Read more about Svenska Spel’s initiative to strengthen responsible gaming here.

Retailers play a central role in customer interaction

Svenska Spel’s mandate is to provide a well-developed service in both urban and rural areas. The nationwide distribution network of retailers is an important success factor and makes the Company’s services available to the entire population of Sweden. Retailers are Svenska Spel’s outward profile with customers and key to how the Company and its services are perceived. Svenska Spel works in partnership with slightly more than 5,400 retailers, of which about 760 are located in a rural area or are the only gaming retailer in a small town. The physical gaming environment is an integrated part of the digital investment that is ongoing at Svenska Spel. The development of retailer terminals, digital messages, etc., are a few other examples.

Vegas in restaurants and bingo halls

Svenska Spel offers games on the Vegas Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), which are placed in 1,952 restaurants and bingo halls in both urban and rural areas.

According to the owner’s mandate, Svenska Spel must provide a credible and attractive alternative to illegal gaming operations. The Supreme Court ruled that Vegas is the only VLT allowed in Sweden. Nevertheless, illegal gaming machines annually generate billions in turnover. In addition, competition from online casinos is noticeable.

There are a total of 5,872 VLTs at Svenska Spel’s business partners. The games on the VLTs are continuously renewed to meet customers’ expectations of attractive games. Obligatory registration means that all customers have to set limits for their gaming on Vegas.

Sales at arenas

The ability to play on site in conjunction with matches is ­popular and nearly 30 football and ice-hockey arenas are now included. On-site arena gaming is a partnership between Svenska Spel, Arenabolaget (the Arena company), local gaming retailers and sports associations.

Gaming by subscription

Gaming subscriptions is an operation that continues to grow. Svenska Spel currently has slightly more than 122,000 subscribers for Triss and Lotto.

A real casino

Svenska Spel’s subsidiary Casino Cosmopol AB operates international casinos in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall. Casino Cosmopol offers a variety of entertainment in terms of classic and new casino games, restaurants, bars and entertainment in historic premises.

Casino Cosmopol works to provide information about its unique offering of attractive casino games combined with an exciting atmosphere, restaurants and entertainment – a real casino. The experience and the personal contact guests get when they visit one of Svenska Spel’s casinos is a clear competitive advantage that the Company nurtures and continuously develops. The ambition is to offer world-class hospitality combined with a focus on responsible gaming.

The competition, primarily from online casinos, is clear and Swedish customers currently have no alternative to the online casinos offered by unregulated gaming companies driven solely by profit motives. Accordingly, in 2014, Svenska Spel submitted an application to the Government for a permit to provide and launch an attractive and safer online casino. Read more.

Grass Roots engage customers

A new youth trainer, matching ice-skating clothing or new sports equipment. These comprise a few of the investments made possible by Svenska Spel’s sponsorship initiative Grass Roots – SEK 50 million to youth sports – which was launched in 2012.

This is Svenska Spel’s initiative to develop support for youth sports with the help of customers. By gaming with the Spelkortet customer card, customers can collect points that they can allocate freely among up to three different associations. In November 2014, it was again time for the annual payment of SEK 50 million to sports associations across the country. The number of sports associations affiliated to Grass Roots is 7,448 (6,907).

Customer awareness of Grass Roots is still low and Svenska Spel is investing in informing customers about the opportunity to join and allocate the funds to their favourite associations when playing with the Spelkortet customer card. The number of customers who have chosen to support their favourite associations was about 300,000 (200,000). Read more about how the funds from Grass Roots can benefit an association (Söderhamns UIF).


What is happening in 2015?

Launch of a new customer interface for tablet devices and on the internet.

Ensure customers are equally well treated in all their contact with Svenska Spel.

Campaigns informing about Svenska Spel’s mandate.

Develop the sports service.

Launch of Keno on mobile phones and tablet devices.