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Systematic efforts to combat unethical behaviour

Svenska Spel works to highlight and prevent unethical behaviour, both internally and externally. Customers must feel confident that the Company combats gaming-related corruption so that gaming can be carried on in a safe and fair manner.

Svenska Spel’s Code of Conduct summarises the Company’s overall approach to responsible conduct. The purpose of the Code is to describe clearly how Svenska Spel should behave internally, towards customers, suppliers, retailers, business partners and its operating environment.

Svenska Spel is explicit that its operations must not be used for money laundering or other criminal activities. Integration of responsible gaming and gaming security in products and distribution forms is a key part of operations. ­Unusual gaming patterns are reported to the police on ­incidents when suspicion exists of criminal actions. 

More measures to combat match fixing

Match fixing and manipulated results are the new major threats to sports. Svenska Spel is investing substantial resources to combat this trend.

Match fixing and manipulated results are a recurring problem in Europe and even occur to a certain degree in Sweden. In summer 2014, suspicions were raised at several Swedish foot­ball matches and Svenska Spel reported two cases to the police.

Svenska Spel collaborated on this with the Swedish Sports Confederation and, among other things, participates in funding a position at the Confederation, which is responsible for information and educational support in this area and to co­ordinate efforts with the individual sports associations.

The sponsorship agreement signed between Svenska Spel and the Swedish Football Association in 2014 included strengthened collaboration against match fixing. The agreement gives the Swedish Football Association additional resources to combat match fixing, including filming all ­Division One matches and through information and training aimed at players, leaders, referees and stewards.

Svenska Spel continuously reviews its routines in this respect and abstains from offering games where the results could be easier to manipulate. Obligatory game registration provides Svenska Spel with even better conditions for tracking and investigating events.

Dealing with illegal gaming machines

Svenska Spel also regularly monitors cases of illegal gaming machines among its business partners and retailers. Reports are sent to the Swedish Gambling Authority and the business partner/retailer is told to remove the illegal gaming machines. If the illegal gaming machines are not removed, Svenska Spel terminates the partnership. In 2014, the contracts with two retailers (one) was terminated due to illegal gaming machines on their premises.

Risk of money laundering

Svenska Spel’s casinos come under the Swedish Act on Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and are supervised by the Swedish Gambling Authority. Suspicious transactions are reported to the Financial Unit of the National Criminal Intelligence Police Service. The casinos’ procedures and training initiatives have been deemed effective as has the ongoing cooperation with the Financial Unit of the National Criminal Intelligence Police Service and supervisory authorities. In 2014, Casino Cosmopol reported 315 incidents (305) of unusual monetary transactions to the Financial Unit of the National Criminal Intelligence Police Service in accordance with the Swedish Act on Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

Svenska Spel has a Compliance Officer at Group level for issues including money laundering. Svenska Spel voluntarily applies a risk-based approach to these matters even in the operating areas that are not directly subject to this legislation.

A proposal for a new EU directive has been presented, the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD4), which will also include such gaming operations as those operated by the Parent Company Svenska Spel. The directive is expected at the end of 2014 and will be implemented in Swedish legislation in 2016. Svenska Spel has started preparations for adapting operations to future legislation.

Casino security

Ongoing collaboration with the Swedish Gambling Authority, the Financial Unit of the National Criminal Intelligence Police Service and other authorities are essential in order to combat crime at the casinos. Casino Cosmopol is refining its methods, training its employees and developing new and improved systems and procedures under the supervision of the Swedish Gambling Authority. All guests are identified, registered and monitored by cameras.

Retailer security

ID is required for payouts over SEK 1,000. For winnings of SEK 20,000 or more, the retailer terminal is blocked and the winner must contact Svenska Spel directly before collecting the winnings.

Security and follow-up

The Group Security & Risk Management Manager leads security activities at Svenska Spel. The security function coordinates overall security efforts and monitors that these are conducted in line with Group policies and guidelines in the area. Group Security is also responsible for ensuring the crisis management ability, incident management at Group level and for handling abnormal gaming activities.