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"Registration means I can keep track of what I spend on gaming."

Jan Borg, Customer

Recently retired Jan Borg in Borlänge has plenty of time to keep track of sports and play Stryktipset. He thinks that Svenska Spel’s introduction of obligatory game registration for all gaming is a good thing and sees many advantages with it.

How much time do you spend gaming and on which types of games?

“Gaming is an enjoyable pastime and I only play small permutations to keep myself within reasonable levels. I have been playing Stryktipset for decades and I’m still waiting to get 13 right. I have also played a bit on Måltipset and Lången, and I have a standing entry on Lotto. Bomben is the product I play most and is also where I have won the most. Exactly how much varies from week to week but it can be up to about SEK 500.”

What do you think about Svenska Spel introducing obligatory ­registration of all games?

“I think it’s a good thing. Registration means I can keep track of what I spend on gaming. You keep your winnings safe when you use the Spelkortet customer card and registration can help stop match ­fixing. But I haven’t changed my gaming habits because of ­obligatory registration.”

So it doesn’t feel like someone else wants to check your gaming habits?

“No, that’s not the feeling I get at all. I suppose it’s possible to think along those lines if you know you are gaming too much, but that’s probably just your own bad conscience playing up. On the other hand, it’s good that you get a signal if you change your gaming habits and suddenly start playing much more than you used to.”

Do you think that Svenska Spel takes responsibility?

“Absolutely, I think they most definitely do and that is one of the reasons that I only play with Svenska Spel. Responsibility is what sets them apart from many other companies, but it’s not impos­sible that other gaming companies see what Svenska Spel is doing and follow suit after a while.”