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Motivated employees


Svenska Spel aims to be an attractive employer where employees and managers develop, enjoy their work and take responsibility for developing operations.

Motivated employees

Svenska Spel aims to be an attractive employer with solid leadership and proud, motivated employees. The Com­pany’s priorities are to be made clear to its employees. Each employee shall know the mandate, vision, values and targets regarding one’s own role and working unit, as well as those of the Company as a whole.


Svenska Spel’s long-term goal is to be an attractive employer where employees and managers develop, flourish and, together, take great responsibility for developing oper­ations. Target-driven operations are applied at all levels. The Company endeavours to maintain an even gender balance among employees and managers, where the balance for managers should be within a range of 45–55%. The proportion of employees with a foreign background should increase.

Target fulfilment in 2014

Svenska Spel’s employee survey is conducted biannually. Established targets are followed up with the help of:

  • A minimum ESI/employee satisfaction index of 86 on a scale of 100. The result in 2014 was 92 (91). Benchmark*: 84.
  • A minimum leadership index of 73 on a scale of 100. The result was 80 (76). Benchmark*: 71.

* Refers to comparison with other service sector companies that Netsurvey conducts employee surveys for.


Diversity contributes to enhanced operations and the proportion of male and female managers at Svenska Spel should be within a range of 45–55%. At year-end, the proportion of female managers was 38% (43).

On 15 January 2014, Svenska Spel introduced a new organisation aimed at being more customer-driven and efficient by increasing clarity and responsibility. The new organisation better matches the Company’s strategy. The employee satisfaction index and the leadership index were unchanged in the spring, which is a sign that the organisational changes were carried out well.

Improved target-driven management

Establishing a clear link between Svenska Spel’s overriding objectives and strategies and employees’ targets has remained a focus area during the year. New and more relevant plans for manager and employee dialogues were prepared in 2013 and the new employee dialogues were implemented in operations in 2014.

The changes mean more frequent follow up and coaching of employees between target and development dialogues, greater employee responsibility for following up their own performance, increased focus on the strengths of the indi­vidual as well as new and simplified methods for assessment of individual behaviour vis-à-vis Company values in relation to the individual role, responsibility and work duties.

Through internal surveys, Svenska Spel has noted that employees now receive more from the employee dialogues, but that the desired effect of frequent follow-up dialogues between managers and employees to develop target-driven management has yet to fully permeate the organisation.

Active work with values

All employees at Svenska Spel are expected to live by the ­values: accessibility, consideration and commitment. The ­values are included as a natural part of leader training, the new employee dialogue, leader and employee profiles as well as being incorporated in all of the Company’s policies. Continuous work with the values will focus on ensuring that the values permeate the entire Company – how decisions are made and how Svenska Spel’s employees interact with each other, customers and other stakeholders.

The right competence at all levels

Svenska Spel’s development requires that employees are aware of what is expected of them and are given the right preconditions to perform. Retaining and attracting employees with the right competence is crucial for the Company’s competitiveness.

Svenska Spel has an ongoing initiative tasked with identifying long-term skills needs and clarifying career paths at the Company. The skills inventory is being implemented to analyse the current situation and future needs based on Svenska Spel’s operations and strategies. The results will be used as a basis for continued skills development, at an overall level as well as at departmental and individual levels, and for future recruitment.

Coaching leadership

Svenska Spel’s leaders must aim at developing operations, their employees and themselves. Each year, separate leader meetings are held, where managers from all levels gather to discuss recent challenges and the organisation’s need for change. Moreover, the Group’s top management meets to ­discuss strategic issues. This has proven to be a successful method for the Company to utilise the leaders’ competence and also build up trust, commitment and culture.

In 2014, Svenska Spel has continued to invest in developing its leaders with a focus on coaching leadership. Moving ­forward, focus will also be on developing managers who lead other managers and how they can contribute to increase the motivation of their subordinate managers and their staff members. One driving factor to obtain the optimal result from coaching leadership is that the upper management level supports first-line managers by creating the best possible conditions for practising coaching leadership. For example, this could pertain to follow-up and support, to give first-line managers the time and opportunity to carry out follow-up dialogues focused on targets and activities, that these are ­carried out to a sufficient extent and that time is allocated to coach staff in daily operations.

Increased commitment

In Svenska Spel’s annual employee surveys, employees can express their opinions regarding the work ­environment and suggest improvements.

The 2014 employee survey indicated, among other things, that commitment had improved. The primary questions ­indicating increased commitment were how employees ­perceived their ability to influence their own work and that employees feel the ability to continuously develop at work. The long-term efforts to develop the Company’s leaders has had a clearly positive effect on commitment, which is the most important driver for Svenska Spel to continue developing as a company. One area for improvement is the implementation of decisions, an area which many employees ­perceived as taking too long. To improve, Svenska Spel will continue developing target-driven management, commu­nicate pri­or­ities and secure the follow-up of decisions.

Supply of talent secured

Svenska Spel has noted that the Company has strong leadership but that the succession of leaders must improve. A process is in place to identify talents and to ensure that there is a clear line of succession for all management positions. The Company’s succession plan is reviewed each year. Svenska Spel uses more target-group focused channels for recruitment, for example LinkedIn and Facebook, and continues to develop collaboration with the talent network 4potentials.

In 2013, Svenska Spel started a one-year programme for talents. The participants are supposed to develop their ability to lead big assignments, gain increased insight into operations and broaden their internal contact net. A key part of the programme is the task Group management gives participants to solve relating to tangible and current challenges for Svenska Spel, which also facilitates management’s decision-making. 14 employees participated in the first programme which concluded in 2014. Of these, six were already recruited to new positions during the course of the programme. The evaluation of the programme was overwhelmingly positive and ­contained several ideas regarding the programme’s development. In autumn 2014, the programme started again with nine new participants.

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Diversity and equality

Svenska Spel bases its actions on the belief that a company where the employees reflect the configuration of society is better able to understand its customers and live up to their expectations. Diversity contributes to a more creative environment and improved operations. Equal rights and opportunities must apply for all employees and every individual’s ­differences must be respected and utilised. In 2014, Svenska Spel prepared a new diversity plan to increase internal awareness in this area and also to set new targets in various areas.

There is a relatively even gender balance at Svenska Spel, both at managerial and employee levels. The target is for the proportion of male and female managers to be within a range of 45–55%. At year-end, the proportion of female managers was 38% (43), down year-on-year. This was mainly due, among other things, to internal movement and some female IT managers leaving. The situation is being monitored and focus applied to raising the proportion of female managers to meet the Group’s target.

The Company works actively to promote equal salary levels between genders and conducts an annual salary survey to identify unreasonable differences in salary between women and men doing similar work. The year’s survey identified no unreasonable differences that required an action plan.

During the year, the Company set a target for the number of employees with a foreign background*, which should amount to 7% in the Parent Company. In 2014, this proportion was 5%. The proportion in the Group as a whole was 22%, which is in line with the Swedish population as a whole.

Work environment and health

Work environment efforts at Svenska Spel aim to ensure healthy employees who are satisfied with their jobs and ­perform. Efforts build on collaboration, which means that employees and the elected health and safety representative work together on healthy work environment initiatives.

Managers with responsibility for the work environment complete a separate training programme to ensure that they have the requisite knowledge, authority and resources to shoulder work environment responsibility. Another management focus area is the promotion of a culture characterised by coaching and feedback. Svenska Spel also invests a lot in wellness by facilitating exercise and other activities that lead to good physical and mental health.

The health and work environment of employees is a key success factor for Svenska Spel and an annual survey is conducted, the results of which forms the basis for Svenska Spel’s continued efforts in this area. For example, in 2014, Svenska Spel has invested in raising the wellness subsidy to employees to stimulate exercise and other healthy leisure-time activities.

*The Swedish Government agencies’ definition of individuals with a foreign background is as follows: individuals born outside of Sweden or born in Sweden with two parents born outside of Sweden.


What is happening in 2015?

Skills inventory and skills development at departmental and individual levels.

Continued investment in manager and employee dialogues as well as a continuing internal dialogue.

Training of managers who lead managers.

Development of target-driven management and feedback within the framework of the new employee dialogue.

Reviews and activities to secure the Company’s cultural change.

Increase diversity at the Parent Company.

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