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Business description

Gaming is for everyone’s enjoyment!

Svenska Spel’s mandate is based on protecting the customer. The mandate is to deliver attractive games in a responsible manner. Svenska Spel includes well-known brands, such as Lotto, Triss, Stryktipset, Oddset, Vegas and Casino Cosmopol.

Svenska Spel’s vision is that gaming is for everyone’s enjoyment. The Company works actively to counter gaming problems through information and concrete tools for customers to allow them to control their gaming habits.

The surplus from the Company’s operations is paid directly to the Public Treasury.


All gaming is registered

Protecting customers and countering gaming problems are always prioritised over increasing profits. The advantages of obligatory registration are many. Age control is ensured, winnings find their rightful owners and, not least, customers can keep track of their gaming. When anonymous gaming disappears, the risk of fraud and match fixing also declines.

Trissammans, MiniTriss and SkrapMatcha

Many people like playing together and sharing the joy of winning. For these people, a new lottery was launched: Trissammans – a Triss for two. During the year, Triss came out in a cheaper version, in the form of MiniTriss, which costs SEK 10 and has a top win of SEK 100,000. The lottery SkrapMatcha was also launched in 2014.

Increasingly satisfied customers

Gaming should feel stable, safe and secure with Svenska Spel. It was pleasing to note that the customer satisfaction index posted a high of 72, the highest in the Company’s history. Svenska Spel’s offering has a clearly positive effect on customer satisfaction.

Grass Roots’ payments help

Annually, Svenska Spel’s customers distribute SEK 50 million to their favourite associations around the country in the Grass Roots programme, a joint venture with the Swedish Football Association. By gaming with the Spelkortet customer card, customers collect points that can be allocated between different associations. The money can only be distributed to youth sports and contributes to new generations, breadth and excellence in the future.

The digital gaming experience gets stronger

Through a substantial investment in a new digital platform, Svenska Spel can offer an even better gaming ­experience for customers. The mobile service has been developed with content and experiences before, during and after gaming. The new mobile ­service with an enhanced sports games service was launched in conjunction with the football World Cup and will, moving forward, be expanded with many new and interesting services.

Supporting research at Lund University

Svenska Spel has initiated a partnership with Lund University to fund a research position in addictive disorders with particular focus on gambling addiction. Svenska Spel will invest SEK 2.5 million per year to fund the position for a period of five years.

Application in progress for an online casino

Gaming problems are more common among online casino customers than for other gaming forms and, currently, all such gaming is with unregulated companies. Svenska Spel wants to offer the customers a safer alternative and has ­submitted an application for a permit to provide an online casino. An online casino under Svenska Spel’s auspices improves the prerequisites for dealing with risky online casino gaming in Sweden. Svenska Spel’s mandate includes providing gaming forms that can entail risks of a social nature, when this is believed to be able to curb gaming in uncontrolled forms.