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Social mandate and sustainability efforts

Svenska Spel’s social mandate and sustainability efforts

Svenska Spel’s efforts to attain a long-term sustainable development derive from its mandate to conduct gaming operations in a responsible manner and, which in the eyes of the stakeholders, create significant value for society.

Svenska Spel's mandate includes meeting cus­tomers’ demands for attractive gaming operations and ­promoting a healthy and safe gaming market. This is where the Company can make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Svenska Spel is a state-owned company that is operated under requirements stipulating efficient and responsible operations, but without owner requirements for earnings or growth. This provides the Company with excellent pre­requisites for working with responsibility measures and ­preventing unhealthy gaming.

By developing and providing games in a responsible way and ­offering responsible gaming tools to protect ­customers, Svenska Spel contributes to preventing individ­uals from gambling addiction. The Company also acts to minimise the risk of money laundering, fraud and other ­illegal gaming.

Responsibility should comprise a clear element of the experience and an appreciated added value when customers choose to play at Svenska Spel. It is crucial that gaming with Svenska Spel feels safe and secure and that customers feel that their integrity is taken extremely seriously.

An assessment is made, using a risk-based approach and regular dialogues with the Company’s key stakeholders, of the sustainability issues that are most relevant for Svenska Spel to focus on.

Long-term sustainable development at Svenska Spel


The mandate and the State ownership policy set the basis for Svenska Spel’s sustainability efforts. The Company promotes long-term sustainable business by allowing the experience and responsibility to go hand-in-hand and by integrating responsibility into the business model.


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