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Increased advertising investment

In 2014, the gaming industry increased its gross advertising investment by about SEK 1,464 million to a total of SEK 3,578 million. Compared with 2013, Svenska Spel’s gross advertising investment rose by about SEK 199 million to a total of about SEK 599 million. The increase was primarily attributable to the Company’s responsibility campaigns in parallel with the introduction of obligatory game registration, but also due to advertising in conjunction with the football World Cup.

Since 2010, Svenska Spel’s share of total advertising investment in the known gaming market decreased from 25% to 17%. Despite Svenska Spel increasing its advertising investment in 2014, its total share decreased. This was due to offshore operators investing ­heavily in marketing, primarily for games with significant risks for developing gaming problems.

Advertising investment in the Swedish gaming market

Source: TNS SIFO Market Research’s advertising surveys (gross investments, excluding internet and direct mail).