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Svenska Spel's role in society

Svenska Spel’s role in society

The overriding goal of Swedish gaming policy is to strengthen customer protection with the aim of preventing individuals from developing gaming problems. The goal is also to minimise the risk of fraud and illegal gaming.

Svenska Spel’s mandate is both about safeguarding social protection considerations and satisfying demand for attractive gaming in controlled forms – in other words, promoting a healthy and safe gaming market. Consideration for customers and minimising the negative effects of gaming are always prioritised before profits. Svenska Spel is tasked with conducting responsible and efficient operations. The surplus from operations is delivered to the owner, the State. 

Svenska Spel’s mandate

Svenska Spel must...

… provide a wide range of games,
… offer the distribution channels in demand by the market,
… be at the forefront in terms of renewal of low risk games, and
… not drive the development of new forms of gaming with medium or high risk, but can, after gaining permits, launch products that already exist on the gaming market if the gaming activities can thereby be moved to a safer and healthier environment.

 Svenska Spel must...

… act to move gaming from illegal operators and unregulated offshore operators to Svenska Spel instead, with the aim of reducing gaming problems in society,
… primarily promote the channelling to Svenska Spel of the gaming deemed to hold most risk in terms of addictiveness, and
… channel customers to Svenska Spel in a moderate and responsible ­manner with commercial aspects held in subordinate importance.

Svenska Spel must...

… show social considerations through tangible action,
… be active at all levels in the Company to counteract gambling addiction, fraud and crime,
… offer consistent and tangible responsible gaming for all games
based on the various risks of each game and the individual customer’s gaming behaviour,
… clearly communicate responsible gaming to customers and other stakeholders, and
… as far as possible base its responsible gaming measures on research.

Svenska Spel must:

… take a leading position regarding responsible gaming,
… ensure that customer protection pervades its entire operations,
… offer consistent and tangible responsible gaming for all games based
on the various risks of each game and the individual customer’s gaming behaviour, and
… take into consideration and prioritise integrity aspects throughout operations.

Svenska Spel must...

… strive to distribute its offering of gaming products and services throughout Sweden, and
… ensure that there is a high degree of accessibility for the  Company’s gaming services within the framework of its responsible gaming programme.

Svenska Spel must...

… observe particular moderation: advertising and other marketing
efforts are not permitted to be intrusive or aggressive,
… adapt its marketing to the game’s risk level and be restrictive in its ­marketing of the riskiest games,
… ensure that customers receive correct, easily accessible and simple ­information to facilitate informed choices regarding their gaming,
… market itself with the aim of channelling gaming from the unregulated market to the regulated market, and
… not use marketing to increase the total gaming market.

Read Svenska Spel’s report on the Company’s measures under the shareholder’s directive here.