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Optimal responsibility


Svenska Spel should take a leading position regarding responsible gaming and set the standard in the Swedish market.

Optimal responsibility

Svenska Spel is tasked with providing gaming in a responsible and secure manner and minimising the ­negative consequences of the Company’s products. The mandate includes offering gaming forms that can be assessed as risky if this will counter illegal gaming in uncontrolled forms. ­Svenska Spel wants to use tangible measures to demonstrate that responsibility is prioritised over profit and, thereby, contribute to a more sustainable gaming market. Svenska Spel’s vision is that gaming is for everyone’s enjoyment.

Responsible gaming efforts play a key role in Svenska Spel’s operations and the Company works continuously to develop responsible gaming tools and to spread awareness. Customers must perceive responsibility as part of the total experience. Many customers choose to play Svenska Spel’s products because they are perceived as being secure and safe.

The market trend with a large number of unregulated gaming companies with profit as their sole driver means an increasing risk of a more unhealthy gaming market. Accordingly, the significance of the comprehensive approach to social protection considerations taken by Svenska Spel are even more important.

Svenska Spel is certified under the European Lotteries, World Lottery Associations and follows SPER’s responsible gaming standards. The standards are based on a solid foundation for responsible gaming initiatives, read more here. 


Svenska Spel’s responsible gaming efforts should set the gaming market standard and the Company should take a leading position for responsible gaming in Sweden. The Company should serve as a role model and contribute to driving development toward a healthier gaming market. Responsible gaming measures should have a real impact on gaming problems in Svenska Spel’s operations and among the general public. Responsible gaming efforts should bolster Svenska Spel’s long-term competitiveness through positively impacting the experience, image and CSI.

Target fulfilment in 2014

The effect of responsible gaming initiatives is measured in part through customer stability, where Svenska Spel has a more stable customer database than other operators and partly through the responsible gaming image, where the Swedes’ perception of Svenska Spel’s responsible gaming ­initiatives is followed up.

During the year, Svenska Spel introduced a more consistent version of responsible gaming that better corresponds to society’s and customers’ expectations. Awareness of the measures is high among the Swedish population (68%) and reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, which also can be seen in Svenska Spel’s measurements.

In Svenska Spel’s quarterly image survey, the Company is ranked number one among the gaming companies in Sweden in the area of responsible gaming: 55% (51) of ­people in Sweden believe Svenska Spel to be leading in responsible gaming in Sweden. This is the highest result measured since Svenska Spel started measuring its respon­sible gaming image. The second closest actor had 3% (2).

The first measurement of customer stability was completed in autumn 2014 and demonstrated that the average problem level was lower among Svenska Spel’s customers when compared to the competitors’ customers. The measurement is made within the framework of Svenska Spel’s annual gaming survey where the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) is used in the same way as the Public Health Agency of Sweden to measure gaming problems and the risk of these problems developing.

CSI also rose during the year to 72% (62). Read more.

Strengthened and consistent responsible gaming

Svenska Spel has raised the goals and, in 2014, took the first step toward developing and implementing a consistent and, in parallel, more adapted version of responsible gaming. The new responsible gaming version will be applied across the organisation and better live up to customers’ and society’s expectations.

Obligatory registration delivers the prerequisites

Svenska Spel’s responsible gaming measures must be consistent while retaining the same high degree of adaptation in terms of the individual and the gaming experience. The goal is to introduce a responsible gaming programme for all forms of gaming that is based on the different risk levels of the games and customers’ gaming behaviour and, concurrently, to reduce the risks of match fixing and money laundering.

The implementation of obligatory game registration is a prerequisite for adapting responsible gaming. Accordingly, in June 2014, Svenska Spel introduced obligatory registration of all games except the purchase of paper lottery tickets and games at Casino Cosmopol, where all visitors are registered at the entrance. The registration will allow Svenska Spel to adapt communication and the responsible gaming tool to enable customers to make an informed choice.

Through registration, customers are also able to access additional responsible gaming services. Customers can decide gaming limits in terms of time and money for themselves, see their gaming habits with the Playscan behavioural tool, exclude themselves on all channels, including Casino Cosmopol, an option that was not previously available. Playscan is available for everyone who registers as a customer with Svenska Spel. A new version of Playscan has been launched, whereby the differentiation of customers’ risk levels has been increased from three to six levels on a scale of green (low risk of developing a gambling addiction) to red (high risk of developing a gambling addiction). The aim of increasing the number of levels is to be better able to adapt targeted responsible gaming messages to the customers.

In common for all games is a minimum age limit of 18 to play and at Casino Cosmopol, an age limit of 20 applies.

Increased training in responsible gaming

To further strengthen the responsible gaming offering, ­Svenska Spel has provided more detailed training to selected employees at the Company’s customer service and Casino Cosmopol. The Company’s customer service has also increased its opening hours to round the clock. Customers and relatives can seek personal service and advice about risky gaming, responsible gaming tools and referrals for ­professional help, for example, via the Help Line.

With a simple call to customer service, Svenska Spel’s ­customers can now exclude themselves from gaming via all of the Company’s channels. If, following a voluntary period of exclusion, a customer wishes to resume gaming, Svenska Spel’s customer service employees are trained to hold a ­follow-up dialogue with the customer to, among other things, discuss the customer’s gaming behaviour, if any, during the period of exclusion. The method of using ­follow-up calls has been used for some time at Svenska Spel’s casinos.

Measurement of the effects of responsible gaming

Svenska Spel makes measurements to be able to evaluate the effect responsible gaming tools have and whether responsible gaming efforts in various channels are progressing in the right direction. During the year, effect measurements of responsible gaming tools were carried out at retailers.

The conclusion is that the majority of the measures used by Svenska Spel are extremely relevant according to research but they fail when it comes to execution. Efforts are ongoing to make, if possible, the recommended changes for improved execution.

Previously, effect measurements were carried out at Casino Cosmopol, on VLTs and on online games. There are plans to follow-up the effect measurements, mainly in those channels that have implemented changes during the year, for example registered games at retailers and business partners. In addition, a process and action plan is being implemented for follow-up.

Guiding principles for responsible gaming at Svenska Spel

  • The customers are responsible for their own gaming
  • Svenska Spel works consciously with an offering that promotes healthy gaming
  • Svenska Spel creates transparency around and makes individual customers aware of changes in their gaming behaviour
  • Svenska Spel creates the necessary conditions for customers who wish to reduce problems related to their gaming
  • Svenska Spel’s responsible gaming measures must be consistent while retaining the same high degree of adaptation in terms of the individual and the ­gaming experience
  • Svenska Spel’s responsible gaming measures do not include treatment
  • Svenska Spel takes responsibility for the Company’s own customers and contributes to reducing gaming problems in society at large.

Svenska Spel’s responsible gaming goals moving forward

The new responsible gaming approach builds on a combination of a general and an adapted approach. Responsible gaming must be based on the different risks for gaming problems with each game. The adjacent image provides a schematic model of Svenska Spel’s aims for applying a consistent and more specific responsible gaming approach moving forward. The risk assessment is based on the individual game’s risk level and the customer’s gaming behaviour. Red indicates a high risk of developing risky gaming practices, yellow indicates a moderate risk and green a low risk. Based on the game’s risk level, customers are offered different tools to control their gaming, for example the possibility of setting limits for time and money. Svenska Spel sends no direct mail advertising to customers in the risk zone for developing gaming problems.

In common with the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Svenska Spel uses a recognised measurement method (PGSI*) as a source to measure actual gaming problems with the aim of following up the actual effect of responsible gaming measures.

 * Problem Gambling Severity Index


What is happening in 2015?

Continued independent measurement of the effects of the responsible gaming tool (Ramböll) and evaluation of responsible gaming measures and new responsibility tools.

Responsible gaming tools will become more accessible when Playscan is launched for tablet devices and computers.

Development of communication about responsible gaming for an enhanced gaming experience.

Remove the cash machines from the gaming environment at Casino Cosmopol.