Svenska Spel

This is Svenska Spel's long-term approach to sustainable development

Responsible gaming

Svenska Spel is to market gaming in a responsible and secure manner and to minimise the adverse social implications of the company's operations. Svenska Spel shall contribute to positive community development in all areas in which it is active.

Responsibility for employees

Svenska Spel is to offer a healthy work environment with equal rights and opportunities for everyone. The aim is to retain committed and motivated employees who have clear goals and whose skills are harnessed.

Economic responsibility

Svenska Spel is to always integrate responsible gaming with its commercial venture. Svenska Spel seeks to be the customer's first choice and a creator of value in society.

Environmental responsibility

Svenska Spel is to reduce its environmental impact by working proactively in prioritised areas.

Converging gaming enjoyment with responsible gaming is the foundation for the ­company’s vision – Gaming shall be enjoyed by all.

Svenska Spel’s efforts to attain a long-term ­sustainable development derive from its ­mandate to conduct gaming operations in a responsible manner. Svenska Spel is, first and foremost, to comprise a credible alternative to unsupervised gaming activities.

Overriding sustainability objective

Svenska Spel’s overriding sustainability objective is to carry out and clarify the company’s mandate and to provide gaming in a responsible, business-ethical and safe manner. This is meant to ensure a long-term sustainable operation, greater trust in Svenska Spel as a responsible company and to create a positive gaming experience. Activities must also be pursued using a sound business-like approach. Among other points, this means that Svenska Spel is to:

  • develop and offer games in a responsible manner for customers to experience gaming enjoyment – a sustainable gaming experience.
  • work to minimise the impact of the company’s products and operations on society.
  • work to create value and contribute to positive social ­development.
  • aspire to achieve healthy relations with its stakeholders and value their views, and to work to realise stakeholders’ expectations of the company.

Responsibility must be a clear and natural element of the ­gaming experience and make a difference in customers’ choice of a gaming alternative.

Svenska Spel pursues a long-term sustainable development in strategically key areas: social responsibility and responsible gaming, responsibility for employees, economic responsibility and environmental responsibility. Business-­ethical responsibility hallmarks Svenska Spel and ­comprises a platform for its sustainability efforts.

The dialogue with stakeholders is important in identifying where Svenska Spel has its impact and the areas in which the company should prioritise working.

The fact that Svenska Spel is not required by its owner to maximise its profits is a prerequisite for being able to focus intently on responsible gaming.

See Svenska Spel’s business model and how the strategic areas of responsibility are defined in the illustration above.

Responsibility and implementation

Responsibility for sustainability efforts is an integral component of day-to-day operations. Ultimate responsibility lies with the Board. In the Group executive management, primary responsibility rests with the Communication Manager. The mandate from the owner includes guidelines on how sustainability efforts should be pursued.

Svenska Spel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) unit – part of the Communication & CSR staff function – is responsible for overall policies, strategies, processes, tools and key data in respect of ethics and responsibility issues. The CSR unit also bears overall responsibility for the annual CSR Report and its follow up throughout the year.

Responsible gaming and the environment are governed by policies that are revised by the Board on an annual basis. This also applies to HR.

A responsible gaming council and an environmental council have been established under the supervision of the CSR unit, with representatives from the company’s various operations. The purpose is to support the implementation of the overall responsibility goals and key data, and the monitoring of sustainability efforts.

Business ethics and security

Svenska Spel’s business ethics responsibility and security awareness permeate the entire company and offer a platform for its sustainability activities. It is Svenska Spel’s responsibility to ensure that people are not abused, deceived or in any other manner exploited by the company’s operations.

Svenska Spel’s principal objective in business ethics and security is to highlight and prevent unethical behaviour, both internally and externally. Svenska Spel clearly states that its activities must never be used for money laundering or any other criminal activities.

Svenska Spel’s Code of Conduct summarises the company’s overall approach to responsible conduct. The purpose of the Code is to describe clearly and concisely how employees and ambassadors of Svenska Spel are expected to be­­have towards each other, customers, suppliers, retailers, business partners and other external parties. The development of competitive and popular products as well as distribution channels – with responsible gaming and gaming security as integral components – is an important element of Svenska Spel’s business.

Svenska Spel’s mandate includes:

  • being a credible but also attractive alternative to, first and foremost, unsupervised gaming operations.
  • taking into account due social consideration, the risk of fraud and consumer interests when games are developed and in the overall business.

Security and follow-up

The manager of the Group Security & Risk Management function leads security activities at Svenska Spel. The security function coordinates the Group’s overall risk management and monitors that security work is conducted in line with Group policies and guidelines in the area. Group Security is also responsible for ensuring the Group’s crisis management ability, incident management at Group level and for handling abnormal gaming activities. When necessary, this is done in cooperation with law enforcement officials.

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Svenska Spel’s sustainability efforts

Svenska Spel’s efforts to attain long-term sustainable development derive from its mandate. Based on this and the dialogue with its stakeholders, the company has ­identified and defined four areas particularly important for focus and performance. Business ethics comprise the platform for Svenska Spel’s sustainability efforts. This involves ensuring that individuals, resources and the environment are not taken advantage of or exploited by the company’s operations.