Svenska Spel

Economic responsibility

Offering games that are in popular demand and our customers’ first choice will ensure the company’s long-term profitability. For Svenska Spel, economic responsibility entails always integrating the company’s responsibility in its operations.

Responsible gaming will be an increasingly ­significant factor in the future when customers select companies for their gaming. Svenska Spel’s mandate is based on counteracting gambling problems while also offering customers attractive games that are in demand.

Svenska Spel is not required to maximise profit, thereby offering solid potential to invest resources in responsible gaming while striving to attain a healthy gaming market. This entails that the company markets so-called high-risk games in a highly restrictive manner and incorporates the ability for customers to monitor their gaming.

Creating the means for the future

Adopting a customer perspective and offering an attractive gaming range is a prerequisite to continuing to operate in the long-term in the Swedish gaming market. A stable economy, solid competitiveness and an ability to make long-term investments in strategically key areas are necessities.

In order to finance a higher level of investment, improve cost efficiency and clarify employees’ roles, the company will be implementing an extensive change programme in the next few years. The aim of the change programme is to refine the customer experience and thus build an even stronger brand.  

Social contribution

Svenska Spel contributes directly and indirectly to society by giving the proceeds that are generated for the owner back to the Swedish people in the form of various social initiatives through the public accounts. Svenska Spel also makes economic contributions to causes that are related to the company’s core business.


Svenska Spel has a long relationship with Swedish sports that began as early as 1934. The purpose of this sponsorship is to strengthen Swedish sports today and tomorrow. The partnership with sports is a fruitful affair for both parties: it strengthens Svenska Spel’s corporate brand while also contributing to a rich leisure life and to Swedish sports successes. The company’s stakeholders expect Svenska Spel to contribute to social welfare through its sponsorships.

Sponsorship covers the Swedish Sports confederation, football, ice hockey, handball, floorball and bandy. Support is provided both at the elite and national levels, as well as to youth sports programmes. Thanks to its sponsorships, Svenska Spel ensures that an increasing number of children and young ­people can try their hand at sports, while it also creates better conditions for a competitive elite.

Svenska Spel also works with values in sports and participates in the programme aimed at stopping violence in the arenas.

According to Svenska Spel’s image survey, 58% of the Swedish population believes that Svenska Spel is a crucial partner for Swedish sports.

Football Fund

Last year, Svenska Spel’s Social Award was renamed Svenska Spel’s Football Fund, from which the elite clubs in Dam­allsvenskan (highest division of women’s football in Sweden), Superettan (second highest league in Swedish football) and Allsvenskan (highest league in Swedish football) can apply for funds for various social projects beyond their regular club activities. Some 32 clubs applied for money from the Fund and a total of SEK 1.3 million was distributed in 2012. The clubs use the funds for such efforts as projects against racism, collaborating with schools on homework or fighting eating disorders.

Elite sports scholarship

The Swedish Sports Confederation and Svenska Spel’s elite sports scholarship is distributed every year to about 50 elite athletes at the National team level who are enrolled at least half-time at a university, college or other higher-learning programme. The scholarship takes the shape of SEK 40,000 for each athlete and is awarded in conjunction with the Swedish Sports Awards. In 2012, 59 elite athletes received SEK 40,000 each.

Swedish Brain Foundation

Since 2008, Svenska Spel has cooperated with the Swedish Brain Foundation. Over a period of five years, through 2012, the company has paid a total of SEK 25 million through the Swedish Brain Foundation to finance important research in various forms of addiction. The partnership has now come to a conclusion and applies the material provided by the Swedish Brain Foundation. The material is used in such contexts as internal training courses aimed at increasing understanding and knowledge of addictions.

Research Council

Svenska Spel has established a research council in an effort to increase insight into preventive programmes against ­gambling problems. During a four-year period (2011–2014), the Research Council has SEK 5 million at its disposal. In the spring of 2012, the Research Council announced the availability of funds for research into opportunities and challenges in the relationship between humans and new technology. A Ph.D. candidate was granted funds to evaluate Svenska Spel’s responsible gaming tool, PlayscanTM.

During the autumn, the Research Council also organised a gathering for researchers and employees at Svenska Spel to discuss research regarding such topics as responsibility dialogues between gaming company employees and players, and how the information that is available on the impact of gaming on society can be used as the basis for formulating gaming policies.

Self-help manual and Help Line

During 2010 and 2011, Svenska Spel provided financial assistance to the Self-Help manual and the Help Line; two projects that were operated by SiLabs (formerly Spelinstitutet – a responsible gaming organisation). The projects were to be terminated in 2009 due to a lack of decisions from authorities regarding financing, but they were able to be pursued as a result of help from Svenska Spel.

In 2012, Svenska Spel concluded its support of the projects. Today, the Self-help manual is offered via the Help Line, which is financed by the Swedish National Institute of Public Health.

Events in 2012

  • Svenska Spel was assigned a financial target in the form of an operating margin.
  • Svenska Spel’s Social Award was renamed Svenska Spel’s Football Fund. In 2012, 32 clubs applied for funds.
  • Launched Svea.
  • The Research Council granted funds to evaluate PlayscanTM.
  • 59 elite athletes received the Swedish Sports Federation and Svenska Spel’s elite athlete scholarship. In 2012, 213 athletes applied for the scholarship.
  • A comprehensive restructuring programme was presented that is meant to ensure the company’s future cost-efficiency and investment ability.

Priorities ahead of 2013

  • Continued work on the restructuring programme aimed at increasing cost-efficiency and making funds available for new initiatives.
  • Continue to communicate the company’s social benefits, including its proceeds, sponsorship of elite and youth sports and responsible gaming efforts.
  • The Research Council – the announcement of new research funds.