Svenska Spel

Business description

A different kind of gaming company

Svenska Spel is a State-owned company in which the owners comprise the Swedish population. This distinguishes Svenska Spel. Svenska Spel’s objective is also different. The company has a mandate from the State to offer gaming in a responsible manner. As an example, high-risk games are marketed in a very restrictive manner and the company does not advertise high bonuses.

At the same time as Svenska Spel is to offer competitive and attractive products, the company proactively pursues the prevention of gambling problems. This includes taking such measures as providing information and training courses, but also self-assessments and responsible gaming tools that encourage all players to make well-informed decisions. ­Svenska Spel encourages all of its customers to play in moderation.

Svenska Spel’s proceeds

All of Svenska Spel’s proceeds are returned to society. In 2012, Svenska Spel generated slightly more than SEK 5 billion for the State treasury, which is distributed through the government and parliament.

Launch of Svea supports Swedish amateur sports

Svenska Spel is the largest sponsor of Swedish sports. The Svea sponsorship initiative allows customers to be involved in deciding what sports associations to sponsor. In total, Svenska Spel will annually distribute more than SEK 50 million through Svea.
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Gaming should always remain enjoyable!

A few examples of responsible gaming actions:

  • Requirement for retailers to be certified in responsible gaming prior to launching sales.
  • Slightly more than 6,300 test purchases among retailers and business partners.
  • About 4,000 employees among retailers and business partners certified in responsible gaming.
  • Preventative conversations with young frequent casino guests.