Svenska Spel

Facts about Svenska Spel's climate efforts

The Group’s climate impact from CO2e-emissions1
Tonnes of CO2e 2012 2011 2010 Change, 
2010–2012, %
Materials consumption2 2,165 1,834 1,929 12.23
Energy use3 542 859 1,189 –54.42
Air travel 1,486 1,695 1,803 –17.58
Fuel, passenger vehicles 446 495 488 –8.61
Transports, letters and packages 293 307 278 5.40
Total 4,932 5,190 5,687 –13.28

1) Tricorona Climate Partners calculated the CO2e figures in tons. In previous years, Svenska Spel has used its own standard measurements for the calculation of CO2 emissions. The figures for 2010 and 2011 have been adjusted in accordance with Tricorona Climate Partners’ calculation methods.

2) Materials consumption includes the most company specific items: coupons, ticket rolls, programmes, lottery tickets, packing materials, lottery ticket shipments, cartonboard and office paper. Materials consumption does not include the Group’s advertising materials, which total 460 tonnes annually, corresponding to about 520–650 tonnes of CO2. Climate impacting emissions from materials consumption was calculated on the basis of three categories: packing materials/cartonboard, paper and printed materials/lottery tickets. The categories were made on the basis of an estimate of the materials that have a similar climate impact per weight unit. For each group, an emission factor for a representative material was obtained from Ecoinvent’s database of lifecycle analyses.

3) Pertains to electricity consumption, district heating and district cooling in the Group’s premises.

CO2e emissions in 2012