Svenska Spel

Certified responsible gaming

Svenska Spel is certified according to the responsible gaming standard of the European Lotteries and the World Lottery Associations*. The standard is based on a framework comprising 11 areas.

Area Criteria
1. Research • Svenska Spel shall help to raise social understanding of gambling problems.
• Svenska Spel shall use research findings in the development and monitoring of responsible gaming measures, ­business development and strategies.
2. Responsible gaming training for employees • Svenska Spel shall have a responsible gaming message that is regularly communicated to employees, at least once a year.
• Svenska Spel shall have identified key activities in the field of responsible gaming that require special training to ensure consumer protection.
• Svenska Spel shall have a method to track levels of understanding for and implementation of responsible gaming.
3. Responsible gaming training for business partners and retailers • Svenska Spel shall highlight responsible gaming for its business partners, and their obligations in terms of ­responsible gaming measures and requirements associated therewith.
• Svenska Spel shall assist with adequate responsible gaming training.
• Svenska Spel shall have an effective method to monitor and evaluate processes/performance of retailers and ­business partners.
4. Gaming development • Svenska Spel shall use reliable tools to evaluate the social implications of the development of products, situations and organisations.
• Svenska Spel shall develop reliable tools for all games and channels whenever possible and shall behave responsibly by minimising, removing or modifying high-risk products.
5. "Remote channels" (internet, gaming via mobile phones and Vegas) • Svenska Spel shall have implemented the appropriate preventive measures listed in the European Lotteries ­standard and shall ensure that the above is also observed in new development of these channels.
• Svenska Spel shall be able to justify reasons for any absence of measures, e.g. self-imposed suspension and ­PlayscanTM.
6. Advertising and marketing • Svenska Spel shall meet the requirements of national legislation, regulations and restrictions according to the European Lotteries standard.
• Svenska Spel must have functioning systems to assure ethical marketing.
7. Treatment referral • In line with current directives, Svenska Spel shall refer players to recommended treatment coordinators (the Swedish National Institute of Public Health has referred to the Help Line).
8. Responsible gaming measures for the protection of players and consumers • Svenska Spel shall take initiatives for training, communicating to and informing players in the areas identified in the EL standard (information on products, age limits, help and responsible gaming tools).
• Svenska Spel shall have a suitable policy and control to ensure effective implementation and periodic monitoring.
9. Stakeholder dialogues • Svenska Spel shall have regular formal and informal stakeholder dialogues and include them in its reporting.
• Svenska Spel shall integrate the results of the stakeholder dialogues in strategic decision processes and established feedback mechanisms.
10. Reporting, measurement and certification • Svenska Spel shall publish a formal report or series of communications that measure the requirements of the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Standard.
11. VLTs • Svenska Spel shall offer a comprehensive action programme for VLTs. The programme includes 16 guidelines aimed at preventing excessive gaming.

The auditing company Deloitte AB conducted a verification of Svenska Spel’s responsible gaming programmes in 2012.

*The European Lotteries standard encompasses the first ten areas and the World Lotteries Association encompasses all 11 areas.