Svenska Spel

The Swedish National Audit Office

In June 2012, the Swedish National Audit Office presented its study of the State’s role in the Swedish gaming market (The State in the gaming market –are the goals being achieved? 2012:15). The aim of the study included assessing the extent to which gaming ­regulations contribute to fulfilling the Parliament’s gaming and public health policies. In the study, the Swedish National Audit Office includes a number of recommendations for the State and Svenska Spel.

The Swedish National Audit Office recommends that Svenska Spel should: Ensure that the company's marketing corresponds to 
taking a measured and restrictive approach. 
  Make responsible gaming actions mandatory to a greater extent, but allow players to personally set limitations on their gaming.    Work with new groups in which there is a confirmed increase in gambling addiction.
Svenska Spel's comments: One of the aims of Svenska Spel's marketing is to steer gaming toward the regulated market. The assessment of what constitutes moderate is closely linked to the prevailing market situation and can thus vary over time. Svenska Spel believes that its marketing is moderate and restrictive.   Research on various responsible gaming actions and the effects thereof remain limited. Svenska Spel is preparing a major external study of the responsible gaming actions in all three result areas, in which the efficiency of the actions will be evaluated. Svenska Spel's Research Council recently granted funds for a doctoral dissertation that will study the PlayscanTM responsible gaming tool.   Svenska Spel will continue to take specific actions toward groups with confirmed gambling problems. Within the framework of its focus on systematically and regularly evaluating responsible gaming actions, Svenska Spel will gain increased knowledge about whether these actions are effective from a responsible gaming perspective.