Svenska Spel

Casino Cosmopol result area

Since 2001, Svenska Spel’s subsidiary Casino Cosmopol AB has operated international casinos in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall. Casino Cosmopol offers a variety of entertainment in terms of classic and new casino games, restaurants, bars and entertainment in historic premises.

The number of visits to casinos declined somewhat in 2012. The number of visits to the four casinos totalled 1,201,035 (1,231,845).

The competition, primarily from online casinos, is clear and Casino Cosmopol works to provide information about its unique offering of attractive games combined with an exciting atmosphere, food and entertainment – a real casino. For guests who want to try a casino at a more relaxed tempo and with lower stakes, a special concept has been developed called Casino Light.

Hospitality and responsibility

Gaming is meant to be enjoyable, which is why responsible gaming is an area of focus and a natural element of the ­hospitality of Casino Cosmopol’s employees. The hospitality is based on tending to guests’ needs and a conviction that you are not a good host unless your guests are enjoying themselves. Casino Cosmopol holds a mandatory training programme in responsible gaming for all employees. The casinos’ staff work proactively and engage in dialogue with guests who show signs that the game is no longer enjoyable.

According to the National Institute of Public Health, men aged 18 to 24 represent a risk group in which the percentage with gambling problems has increased. Casino Cosmopol has an age limit of 20 and works to hold preventive dialogues with guests aged 20 to 24. The objective is to hold dialogues with all those who visit the casinos more than five times a month, and the introduction of a new guest registration system during the spring significantly facilitated work to identify guests in the focus group. In 2012, 4,404 dialogues (4,151) were held with guests who showed signs of unhealthy ­gaming behaviour or who belonged to the group of young guests aged 20 to 24.

If they perceive their gaming as becoming problematic, Casino Cosmopol’s guests can sign voluntary agreements about limiting their casino visits or completely banning themselves for at least two months. During responsible ­gaming dialogues with guests, the casino informs them of the option of voluntarily limiting their visits or banning themselves. Some 2,471 agreements (2,350) were signed during the year.

Casino Cosmopol maintains regular dialogues with gambling addiction associations, out-patient care facilities and other assistance initiatives and thus also monitors developments in the area. Marketing of the casinos is restricted. ­Neither TV nor radio outlets are used for advertising.

Continuous security improvements

Intensified contact with the Swedish Gambling Authority, the Financial Unit of the National Criminal Intelligence ­Service and other authorities are key in fighting crime at the casinos. Casino Cosmopol is refining its methods, offering training courses and developing new and improved ­systems and ­procedures under the supervision of the ­Swedish ­Gambling Authority. All guests are identified, ­registered and ­monitored by cameras.

Technology, security and control at casinos are advanced and subject to regular reviews. A new guest-registration system was installed in 2012, as was a new system for reporting incidents. Work aimed at counteracting money laundering is assigned priority and training courses in relevant occupational categories are continuously on offer. In 2012, 332 cases (284) of unusual monetary transactions were reported to the Financial Unit of the National Criminal Intelligence Service.

A police investigation is under way concerning eight ­individuals, of whom seven were employees at Casino ­Cosmopol in Gothenburg, which were detained in 2011 on suspicion of gross embezzlement.

Events in 2012

  • Record winnings of SEK 34 million from a slot machine at Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm.
  • Partly new gaming range on the slot machines and the introduction of new table games.
  • Commenced work to strengthen the employer brand.
  • Continued focus on counteracting money laundering, including additional training initiatives.

Priorities ahead of 2013

  • Focus on refining responsible gaming and on counter­acting money laundering.
  • Clarify Casino Cosmopol’s association with the Parent brand, Svenska Spel, in the aim of strengthening the image.
  • Strengthen Casino Cosmopol’s employer brand.
  • Further improve the security and safety at the casinos for both guests and staff.
  • Develop a joint restaurant concept for all casinos.
  • Renew the gaming range and develop the casino ­premises.