Svenska Spel

Responsibility for employees

Svenska Spel has a strong brand as an employer. The company’s values are to contribute to a shared culture that creates pride within the company and attracts new employees.

In 2011, Svenska Spel’s values were reformulated and efforts were initiated to ingrain these values internally. The joint values entail that Svenska Spels employees are accessible, considerate and committed.

Svenska Spel’s long-term objectives for 2015 are to have motivated and committed employees who are inspired by the company’s challenges as a unique gaming company in which responsible gaming is assigned high priority and profit is not maximised. The ambition for the company is for its goals to be challenging and inspiring for its employees. The company also strives to create efficient decision-making paths. The goal is for each employee to have a clear task including goals and continuous feedback. The employees should also perceive the company as having clear career paths and a straightforward understanding of what is required in each role.

Values-based leadership

Values-based leadership involves inspiring and developing employees and colleagues based on Svenska Spel’s values: accessibility, consideration and commitment. To be able to contribute to the company’s development, employees must be aware of what is expected of them and be given the right preconditions to perform. Leadership shall be ­hallmarked by considerable openness, whereby employees can be committed, contribute ideas to the company’s development and have the courage to make decisions.

A survey was conducted in 2012 among the senior executives concerning expertise, skills and experience in the aim of analysing Svenska Spel’s leadership. The survey was based on Svenska Spel’s leadership profile and the assumption was that the company’s executives lived up to this profile. The study indicated that the company has strong leadership but that the succession of executives must improve. Experience with change work was relatively low. These insights will ­provide guidance in new recruitments and in executive development.

Preparations for a restructuring programme

Strengthening the company’s competitiveness moving forward requires more investments in, above all, the digital arena. A restructuring programme will be under way in the next few years to finance increased investments and improve cost-efficiency.

The restructuring programme will impact the company’s employees in various ways. Among other changes, positions will be changed in terms of requirements and content and new skills will be added to the company. Svenska Spel has implemented a number of preparations ahead of the programme and developed a plan on how to structure the processes in partnership with the company’s trade-union representatives. A specific training course for executives in labour law, communications and change management has been held and all information about the programme is gathered on the intranet. Svenska Spel is also a member of the TRR Recruitment Service, which has held training courses and provided employees with information about what kind of assistance they can receive.

Diversity and equality

Work on diversity at Svenska Spel is to promote equal rights and opportunities for men and women – regardless of sexual preference, age, ethnic origin, religion or other creed. We aim to achieve a dynamic and pleasant work environment that is hallmarked by respect for everyone’s differences and harnesses them. We believe that diversity contributes to a more creative environment and thus better business and increased profitability.

The gender distribution at Svenska Spel is balanced, both at the managerial and employee level. The exception is among the most senior executives and in the IT area, where the proportion of men is higher. Salary levels and the use of parental leave days and leave days for the care of children are unevenly distributed. Svenska Spel strives to make it easier for employees to combine parenthood and work. Svenska Spel has a positive view of the opportunity to take parental leave and contributes financial support for those on parental leave by compensating for the difference between the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s compensation and the salary (up to 90%) for a maximum of 150 days, depending on the length of employment.

Strong brand and employer

Svenska Spel has a strong brand as an employer. By maintaining its brand, Svenska Spel can attract and retain skilled employees, which is a prerequisite for a continued successful operation. Maintaining the brand requires clearly specifying the values and priorities that apply.

Employee survey

Each year, Svenska Spel conducts a major employee survey that offers employees the opportunity to express their opinions regarding the work environment and make suggestions on how it could be improved. In addition, a smaller survey that gauges the atmosphere is also conducted to give the operation faster feedback regarding the action plans that are prepared in conjunction with the major, annual survey.

Svenska Spel has defined the following objectives for its employees:

  • The ESI/employee satisfaction index shall be at least 86 on a scale of 100. The result in 2012 was 88 (86).
  • The leadership index shall be at least 73 on a scale of 100. The result 2012 was 74 (73).

The 2012 employee survey indicated that the Group has improved its results since last year and that the work climate has improved throughout the entire Group. The objectives have become clearer for many employees, but more have to understand the connection between these specific objectives and the Group’s overall objectives and strategies.

Events in 2012

  • Implemented the new values through such measures as training courses for the company’s management teams and workshops that were held for its employees.
  • Evaluated how Svenska Spel’s managers live up to the company’s management profile.
  • Trained managers: about 70 managers completed courses in change management, coaching approaches and value-­driven organisations.
  • Developed a new process to identify talents and to ensure that there is a clear line of succession for all key positions and for managers.
  • Focused on increased attractiveness as an employer, including participation in the Student Prize – a competition for university and college students.
  • Initiated a partnership with occupational health services resulting in certified round-the-clock advisory services for employees in the event of sickness absence.
  • Conducted a survey, called the Culture Barometer, which shows that the company’s culture has advanced toward greater commitment, teamwork and enjoyment.
  • Refined our values with the help of Culture Barometer’s results in 2012.

Priorities ahead of 2013

  • Implement a sound restructuring programme at the ­individual and corporate level.
  • Identify long-term skills needs, clarify career paths and identify talents in the organisation.
  • Management development.
  • Improve management by objectives.