Svenska Spel

Objectives and target fulfilment

Svenska Spel operates its business through four strategic target areas: Customers, Responsibility, Business-like approach and Employees. Similar to the vision and values, these are based on the owner’s mandate.

Delightful customer interaction

Svenska Spel wants to continuously develop and adapt its operations to customers’ needs and requests in the aim of offering attractive gaming experiences. The fact that games are channelled from unregulated and illegal operators to Svenska Spel provides the company with a greater ability to practice more responsible gaming.

Svenska Spel prioritises and makes resources available in its operations to be able to introduce new initiatives in the digital area, among others. By refining effective responsible gaming – and communicating more clearly what actions Svenska Spel takes to enable sound gaming – the company can better meet customers’ expectations.

Target fulfilment in 2012

Svenska Spels customer satisfaction index (CSI) for 2012 was 66% (68). An analysis is under way of all customer processes in the aim of strengthening and further improving customer relations.

Every quarter, Svenska Spel measures the percentage of Swedes that are expressly positive to the company, which is known as its image value. In 2012, that value was 61%, which was a decline of two percentage points compared with the preceding year. Svenska Spel’s image value is clearly the strongest among the gaming companies and the closest company has 49% (52).

Svenska Spel’s market share is estimated at slightly more than 49%, which is down somewhat compared with 2011. Svenska Spel is bolstering its share of the retail channel while its online market share is declining due to the rapid growth of online casinos among the foreign unregulated gaming companies. The decline in the CSI and image value was attributable to confidence in the gaming industry declining somewhat, according to Svenska Spel’s image survey.

Optimal responsibility

Svenska Spel aims to be perceived by customers as the most responsible alternative in the market. This responsibility should hallmark the entire operation, and it is through re­­sponsible gaming that Svenska Spel can have an impact and make the greatest difference. Customers’ gaming behaviour should be based on the principle of well-informed decisions, meaning that the customer is to have access to correct, readily available and easily understood information about the game and its risks.

Responsible gaming efforts play a key role at Svenska Spel and the company continuously works to develop responsible gaming tools and to spread knowledge about responsible ­gaming. Many customers choose to play Svenska Spel’s ­products because they are perceived as being secure and ­reliable. Read more about Svenska Spel’s key indicators for responsible gaming.

Target fulfilment in 2012

In Svenska Spel’s quarterly image survey, the company is ranked number one among the gaming companies in ­Sweden in the area of responsible gaming. Some 36% (37) of the Swedish population believe that Svenska Spel is living up to its responsibility in reducing gambling addiction, and the closest company has 18% (21).

An independent review of all of the company’s responsible gaming actions has been initiated in the aim of measuring the effects of these.

In the autumn of 2012, the new sponsorship initiative, Svea, was launched, which is a long-term focus on amateur and youth sports. The initiative also creates the means for greater responsible gaming, since registered gaming enables customers to better monitor their gaming.

A key area for Svenska Spel is to encourage retailers and business partners to treat age verification with the utmost seriousness and Svenska Spel will continue its long-term efforts on information, checks and sanctions.

Svenska Spel’s sustainability efforts are described for: responsible gaming, business ethics and security, responsibility for employees, financial responsibility and environmental. responsibility. Read more about Svenska Spel’s performance in the various areas of responsibility.

Sound business-like approach

Operations shall be marked by high cost-efficiency and valued on the basis of a commercial perspective, but not based on a revenue perspective alone. A balance must be achieved between professionalism and responsible gaming: optimising revenues means choosing between increasing revenues and introducing responsibility actions to provide players with solid options to be able to maintain sound gaming behaviour.

By reviewing the operation and identifying possible savings and efficiency enhancements, resources can be made available to invest in prioritised areas, thus strengthening the company’s competitiveness.

Target fulfilment in 2012

In 2012, an extensive adaptation programme was launched to help finance increased investments and to improve Svenska Spel’s cost-efficiency with the aim of reducing cost levels. ­During the spring of 2012, the company was reviewed to ­identify areas where efficiency can be enhanced.

In September, a proposal was presented that entails the reduction of about 100 positions over three years.

The operating margin for 2012 was 22% compared with 21.9% in the preceding year. Read more.

Motivated employees

Svenska Spel aims to be an attractive employer with solid leader­ship and motivated employees – a prerequisite for a successful operation. The company’s priorities are to be made clear to its employees. They shall be aware of the ­mandate, values, strategies and targets, as well as of their personal work role and responsibility.

Svenska Spel’s brand as an employer could be further strengthened through a proactive effort including executive development, skills development and clarifying career paths within the company. Clear roles and goals at the individual level increase motivation among employees. Read more.

Target fulfilment in 2012

In 2012, about 70 executives completed an internal leadership training course focusing on such aspects as governing by ­values, communications and change management.

Svenska Spel’s employee survey is conducted biannually. The target is for employees’ motivation index to reach at least 86 and the results for 2012 indicate an index of 88 (86). The Leader­ship index should amount to 73 and totalled 74 (73).