Svenska Spel

Sports Games & Lotteries result area

The Sports games & Lotteries result area is responsible for the sale, marketing and development of Svenska Spel’s games and lotteries among retailers and at arenas, and via, mobile telephones, corporate customers and subscriptions. The Spelkortet customer card programme and Customer ­service are also included in the result area.

Sports Games & Lotteries operates in a highly competitive market in which the player base is declining, customers are becoming older and the games ever faster. The result area is focusing on strengthening the relationship between existing and potential customers through attractive games, high accessibility, established responsible gaming practices and service.

Svenska Spel has a nationwide distribution network, which is seen as the most important success factor alongside the company’s strong brands. Nearly every third retailer is located in a rural area or is the only gaming retailer in a small town, and for these retailers, Svenska Spel imposes lower profitability requirements.

Dialogue with retailers

Svenska Spel works with its retailers to enhance customer interaction in stores in the best possible way. The Retailer School trains new retailers in such areas as responsible ­gam­ing, games and customer interaction. In 2012, 378 individuals (359) completed the Retailer School and 1,302 (2,079) participated in other training courses.

Additionally, Svenska Spel visits the retailers on a regular basis. The retailers are also contacted by phone and have their own website on which they can take training courses, find information, read about campaigns and so forth. A weekly newsletter, "Spelveckan," is sent to gaming retailers, while the monthly "Spelnytt" magazine is mailed to all retailers.

Responsibility in the retailer channel

Retailers impose an age limit of 18 when purchasing all of Svenska Spel’s products. To collect winnings, customers must also prove that they are 18.

Svenska Spel regularly checks its retailers’ age verification through random test purchases. A total of 79% (84) of the gaming retailers passed the random test purchases. For lottery retailers, age limits are a relatively new procedure and in 2012, 60% (59) passed the spot checks.

Retailers who fail two consecutive spot checks are barred for two weeks, which, in 2012, impacted 157 lottery retailers (97) and 19 gaming retailers (14). Two (two) lottery retailers lost their sales permits after failing four consecutive spot checks. Another 11 retailers (18) lost the agency rights with Svenska Spel due to serious breaches of contract, of which five (eight) were due to illegal gaming machines in their premises.

The retailers must ensure that all information on where players can seek help for their gambling problems is easily visible in their stores. The retailers may not permit gaming on credit under any circumstances.

Online games

Games in the digital channels, meaning and mobile phones, are growing the fastest and Svenska Spel is ­continuously working to strengthen its digital offering.

Svenska Spel estimates that total net gaming revenues via the Internet and mobile phones in the Swedish market amount to about SEK 5,600 million, an increase of 14%. In the Internet and mobile phone market, Svenska Spel Online commands a share of about 24% (25).

The most popular games on are Lotto, Oddset, Tipsen and poker. In 2012, Svenska Spel organized the Swedish Poker Championship online for the sixth time, which attracted about 6,800 players (about 6,000).

Developments are moving fast in terms of games and services for mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computers. Svenska Spel’s mobile offering encompasses such games as Oddset, Tipsen and Lotto.

To increase customer value, Sports Games & Lotteries is working to strengthen partnerships between various sales channels. Through Svenska Spel’s Goals and results service, which is made for smartphones, customers can follow the games on which they have stakes on, their mobile phone or games on their Spelkortet customer card through retailers.­ ­Customers can view ongoing and concluded matches, and read about the forecasts for winnings.

Responsibility online and on mobile phones

The number of customers who play online is increasing and the channel’s high level of accessibility raises the requirements on effective responsible gaming tools. Svenska Spel recommends that customers use the responsible gaming tool Playscan™ to help players monitor their gaming habits. All online players must state how much money is to be ­transferred to their gaming account every week, and poker players must also state how long they intend to play. In December 2012, 59,115 customers had opted to join Playscan™, an increase of 5,271 compared with 2011.

Customers who play via their mobile phones have the same access to responsible gaming tools as Internet ­customers.

Sales at arenas

The ability to play on site in conjunction with matches is ­popular and nearly 30 football and ice-hockey arenas are now included in Svenska Spel’s sales. On-site arena gaming is a partnership between Svenska Spel, Arenabolaget (the Arena company), local gaming retailers and sports ­associations.

Gaming by subscription

Gaming subscriptions is an operation that continues to grow. Svenska Spel currently has 148,000 subscribers for Triss and Lotto including Joker.

Events in 2012

  • Launched Svea – a long-term sponsorship initiative for ­amateur and youth sports.
  • Refined the company’s largest brand, Triss, in terms of a new design, a new price and a new winnings plan.
  • Major focus on sports games during the championship year with the hockey world championships, the European Cup in football and the Olympics.
  • Redesigned to include clearer information on responsible gaming.
  • Secured a permit to launch the European game, Euro­jackpot.

Prioritisations ahead of 2013

  • Independent review of the responsible gaming tools and their impact.
  • Manage and advance the Svea sponsorship initiative.
  • Take more initiatives to strengthen the digital offering.
  • Launch Eurojackpot in January.