Svenska Spel

Sports games

Sports-based gaming consists of Oddset and the football-based Stryktipset, Europatipset, Måltipset and Topptipset. They can be played through retailers in stores, on and to some extent via mobile phones. Sports Games are facing intense competition from other companies. This gaming category has been hit hardest by competition from ­foreign online gaming companies.

The 26-year-old Oddset is the market leader in the sports gaming market. ­Oddset is a collective term for such games as Lången, Matchen, Bomben, Mixen and Powerplay. The player can bet on fixed odds, moving odds and also on live ­gaming where the odds are set during the course of the match.

Since 2011, Stryktipset, Europatipset and Topptipset have also been available on Svenska Spel’s mobile web.

News/developments in 2012

  • Focus on Oddset Live – meaning games on mobile phones and on
  • Self-assessment using the QR code on Oddset’s programme pamphlet.