Svenska Spel

SVEA - sponsorship initiative for amateur and youth sports

Svenska Spel continues to expand its support for sports, and in 2012, it was time to involve customers in the effort. October saw the launch of Svea – an initiative that enables customers to be involved in sponsoring the sports associations that are nearest and dearest to their hearts. The aim is to strengthen the association with sports and to increase responsible gaming since more customers will register their gaming.

By gaming with the Spelkortet customer card, customers can collect points that can be allocated freely among up to three different associations, provided that the associations are ­members of the Swedish Sports Confederation. In total, Svenska Spel will annually distribute SEK 50 million to Swedish amateur sports with a focus on the associations’ youth activities.

In addition to sports, Svea generates other advantages. As more customers choose to use the Spelkortet customer card, Svenska Spel improves its ability to strengthen its responsible gaming efforts. The Spelkortet customer card gives customers online access to their gaming history, winnings overview and responsible gaming tools, such as their weekly budget online. Customers also gain access to the PlayscanTM tool, which informs them of unhealthy changes in gaming behaviour.

By year-end, 6,014 associations and 69 sports throughout Sweden had joined Svea. New ­associations can join at any time during the year. The SEK 50 million will be paid out in late ­October 2013.


Svenska Spel has provisioned SEK 50 million for Sweden's sports associations. Players can choose the association to which the money is to be paid.
To join Svea, you need a Spelkort customer card or a gaming account with Svenska Spel.
Customers can choose up to three associations to support by linking the Spelkortet customer card to Svea.
Every time a customer plays with Svenska Spel, a number of points are allocated to the selected associations. Every SEK 1 staked generates ten points.
The points are tallied once a year. The more points that have been allocated, the greater the percentage of the total of SEK 50 million is paid to the selected associations.