Svenska Spel

Martina Ravn, Employee representative on Svenska Spel's Board

Martina Ravn is a Section Manager at Svenska Spel and an employee representative on the company’s Board. She views influence and participation as two factors of success in the ongoing restructuring process.

How is the dialogue between the company and the trade unions?

"It works well but there are always processes that can be improved. One of our priorities is to achieve a partnership agreement in which we clearly formulate the process for employees’ contribution. A flexible and nimble organisation can be achieved by ensuring processes for ­participation and incorporation, which contributes to motivation and productivity among employees."

How have the trade unions impacted the ongoing transition?

"Through negotiations and by achieving greater influence and participation regarding the reorganisation of Sports Games & Lotteries. ­Managers and employees have spent considerable time on workshops concerning change. Now that we are moving forward with the IT function, another step is being taken. The work will be conducted in a project-like format in which we analyse what skills are needed and what organisation is most suitable. We have incredibly proficient employees who are working closely with the operation, which is an enormous advantage to harness in this process."

What is the greatest challenge?

"The greatest challenge is establishing a partnership process that generates a win-win situation for both parties. The employer and trade union are both playing for the same team. Our jobs are safeguarded by having a profitable Group and Svenska Spel’s profitability is safeguarded by having skilled and highly motivated employees. We want to identify a way to facilitate this relationship and give it momentum of its own."

How do you perceive the mood among employees?

"A process in which employees are forced to leave their jobs is never seen as positive, although the mood is decent in general. There is considerable understanding that we must enhance our efficiency, so the transition was expected. The situation will come to a head when it comes down to the individual level and employees are compared with one another. It takes a significant amount of energy and places high requirements on leadership. This process involves both considerable compassion and objective assessment."