Svenska Spel

Jimmy Lindberg, Customer

20-year-old Jimmy Lindberg enjoys gaming and is in control of his own gaming. Nonetheless, he thinks that it is a good idea to offer options to impose voluntary limits, although the most important ­factor for him in choosing a gaming company is knowing exactly where the money is going.

What types of games do you like and why?

"I prefer Triss and enjoy the feeling of walking around as a potential ­millionaire without knowing it. I also usually watch ice hockey and often bet on the matches I watch, through Oddset or Powerplay, for example. The game becomes a bit more exciting when you are there in person. However, I seldom play any game with which I am unfamiliar."

Do you ever feel as though you have to limit your gaming?

"I believe that I play at a reasonable level. It is like a little hobby that ­certainly does not take priority over anything else. It is a matter of three to four times a month and the occasional game on Oddset. I have fairly strong self-discipline, and when playing Black Jack or slot machines I can walk away at the right time, regardless of whether I have lost or won. So I have never felt that I had to actively limit my gaming. However, I think that the ability to place a limit on how much I want to play for through Svenska Spel’s customer card is good. I have personally set a limit but I have never reached this amount. However, the limit is there, which makes me think twice."

What is the most important factor for you in choosing a game or a gaming company?

"We are surrounded by lots of advertisements for various gaming companies and it is a real jungle. It is important for me to know exactly where the money is going, that it is being managed by decent companies and that I know that I will be paid if I win. Playing with Svenska Spel has always been a seal of security for me, which is why it is the natural choice for me. I also think that it’s great that some of the money is ­reinvested in Swedish sports."