Svenska Spel

Maria Trenser, Casino Cosmopol

Maria Trenser has worked at Svenska Spel’s casino in Gothenburg since it opened in 2002. At work, she aspires to make gaming ­enjoyable for all of the casino’s guests.

What do you do to keep gaming enjoyable for Casino Cosmopol’s guests?

"As a responsible gaming coordinator, I play a central role in the work with responsible gaming here in Gothenburg. In practice, this entails being in contact with the local gambling addiction association, organising training courses and participating in the annual responsible gaming conference for Svenska Spel’s casinos. It mainly involves cooperating and sharing experiences with the other casinos and with external parties. By conducting dialogues with our guests about their gaming habits, I work preventively with gambling problems. We want gaming to be enjoyable for everyone and for our guests to feel safe with our games and our staff."

For the past couple of years, the casino has placed particular focus on younger guests, aged 20 to 24. What does that entail?

"Since 2009, when the National Institute of Public Health identified young men as a group with an increased risk of developing gambling problems, our focus has been on our younger guests. We initiate dialogues with young guests who visit us often. The aim is to inform them that they belong to a risk group and to bring the frequency of their visits to their attention. We discuss our responsible gaming efforts and give them some solid advice so they can continue to monitor their gaming: to set a budget, to not borrow to play, to not believe that they can regain what they have lost and to not wager more money than they can admit to their family and friends. The aim is to make guests feel welcome and safe. I have to say that the reactions to these dialogues are essentially only positive."

What type of training in responsible gaming do the casino’s employees receive?

"Once they have been recruited, all employees take a web-based training course that must be completed prior to commencing work. Our introductory training course, which all employees must also complete, includes an instructor-led session on responsible gaming. For certain employees, we also offer advanced training courses that include instructions on how to draft banning agreements, how to handle conflicts and more in-depth information on gambling addiction. Finally, once employees have been working a while, review courses are held in responsible gaming to maintain a high level of knowledge and commitment. All of our employees are careful to ensure that guests enjoy themselves."

How do you view the challenges in terms of balancing gaming ­enjoyment and responsible gaming?

"Maintaining the right level in the dialogues is challenging. It involves striking a healthy balance between showing consideration for the guest and ensuring the guest enjoys gaming. While we do not want to lecture guests, we must constantly be visible and continuously improve our responsible gaming efforts."