Svenska Spel

Stakeholders' expectations on Svenska Spel

Maintaining a regular, healthy dialogue with its stakeholders is decisive for Svenska Spel in its long-term business development efforts. The dialogue forms the basis for the ­development of the business, for the CSR Report and for its continued relationship with its stakeholders.

Svenska Spel’s prioritised stakeholder groups are those who are deemed to have the most influence over and greatest interest in Svenska Spel’s operations and the company’s respon­sibility efforts. These are customers, owners, interest organisations and employees. The issues deemed most important by stakeholders and the activities that are planned moving forward are listed in the table below.

Stakeholder survey

Svenska Spel’s most recent stakeholder survey, which was conducted in 2011, indicated that the gaming industry, including Svenska Spel, generates both value and costs for society.

The perception of Svenska Spel’s social net results varied considerably and the conclusion may be that Svenska Spel needs to clarify a social net result linked to its positive and negative impact on society and the impact of Svenska Spel’s responsibility actions. In 2012, Svenska Spel began an effort to identify what areas contribute to a social net result.

In 2012, Svenska Spel initiated a study of Vegas to obtain a better basis for developing responsible gaming actions related to the game. The investigator has come up with a number of proposals, which are currently being prepared. Read more about the study.

Otherwise, Svenska Spel makes the assessment that since the areas of responsibility that were identified as important to address in the stakeholder study remain valid, no new stakeholder survey was needed in 2012. Dialogues with stakeholder groups are held on a regular basis.

Svenska Spel’s prioritised stakeholders – examples of expectations and dialogues in 2012 
Stakeholders Examples of stakeholders’ expectations Examples of dialogues/activities in 2012 Planned activities in 2013
Customers • Transparency
• Competitive returns
• Support for sports and for gambling addiction
• Focus groups
• Launch of self-assessment on mobile phones
Launch of Svea
• Expanded customer dialogue on social media
• Customer support and complaint management
• Continue to inform customers about how odds work
• Expand Svea
• Introduce responsible gaming tools on Vegas
Owners • Role model in the industry
• Marketing based on social impact
• General meeting of shareholders
• Gaming Academy
• Reconciliation meeting with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
• Driving force in the Ethical Council of the Gaming Industry (SPER)
• General meeting of shareholders
• Gaming Academy
• Reconciliation meeting with the Ministry of Finance and the ­Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
• Driving force in SPER
• Stricter enforcement of age limits
• Transparency
• Strengthen responsibility for Vegas
• Participated in Swedish National Association for Gambling Addicts’ support groups • Training of business partners and retailers
• 18-year age-limit campaign
Employees • Communications and information
• Training courses
• Role model in the area of responsibility
• Communication through the company’s intranet
• Employee reviews
• Regular breakfast meetings
• Contender programme – Casino Cosmopol
• Research seminar
• Interactive training in responsible gaming and the environment
• Management training courses