Svenska Spel

A different kind of gaming company

Svenska Spel is a State-owned company in which the owners comprise the Swedish population. This distinguishes Svenska Spel. Svenska Spel’s objective is also different. The company has a mandate from the State to offer gaming in a responsible manner. As an example, high-risk games are marketed in a very restrictive manner and the company does not advertise high bonuses.
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CEO's commentary

Repositioning for the future


More than 400 winnings exeeding SEK 1 million were distributed over the course of a year. Most Swedes dream of travelling and repaying their loans when they hit the jackpot.
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Key data, Svenska Spel

SEK million 2012 2011
Gross gaming revenue  22,843 22,284
Net gaming revenue, total  9,815 9,687
Net sales from gaming operations, etc.  8,022 7,872
Operating profit  5,083 4,940
Operating margin, %1 22.0 21.9
Income for the year  5,138 5,007
Average number of employees 1,738 1,774

1) In 2012, Svenska Spel was tasked with a new financial objective: over the course of one economic cycle of five to seven years, the operating margin should be at least 22%.

Net market share, 2012

Net gaming revenue, 2012

Financial Calendar

Annual General Meeting, 24 April

Svenska Spel’s AGM will be held on Tuesday,
24 April 2013, in Visby on Gotland, Sweden.

Interim reports in 2013

January–March 24 April 2013
January–June 19 July 2013
Year-end report
23 October 2013


February 2014

Refers to the total confirmed gaming market in Sweden.
Source: Preliminary statistics from the Swedish Gambling Authority and Svenska Spel’s estimates of the net gaming revenue of foreign Internet companies.