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Note 15 - Equity


Share capital

The registered share capital was 2,000 ordinary shares at 31 December 2014, at a quotient value of SEK 100 per share. Holders of ordinary shares are entitled to dividends that are determined by resolution of the AGM.

Statutory reserve

The Group has statutory reserves amounting to SEK 80,000 (80,000), of which SEK 40,000 (40,000) pertains to the Parent Company.

Distribution of surplus

The Parent Company’s profit after tax is appropriated by the Swedish ­Government. The Company’s profit for the financial year is loaned ­interest-free to the Swedish State.

Payments are made on a quarterly basis: 30 April, 31 July, 31 October and 15 February. Funds loaned are deducted from the dividend following a resolution by the Company’s AGM. For the 2013 profit, SEK 5,269 million (5,137) was paid to the owner, the Swedish State, following the decision of the 2014 AGM. In conjunction with payment, advances paid to the owner during 2013, amounting to SEK 1,200 million were deducted. In 2014, SEK 1,150 million, relating to the profit for 2014, was loaned in advance to the State.

Parent Company

AB Svenska Spel is 100% owned by the Swedish State and is under the administration of the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

Non-restricted equity

This consists of non-restricted equity from preceding years after distribution of dividends.