Svenska Spel's role in society

Svenska Spel's vision is that "Gaming shall be enjoyed by all". Gaming should add a sense of excitement and cohesion in our daily lives and fun gaming should always be in moderation. Profits are given back to society.

Svenska Spel's mandate is both about safeguarding social protection considerations and satisfying demand for attractive gaming in controlled forms – in other words, promoting a healthy and safe gaming market. Consideration for customers and minimising the negative effects of gaming always weigh more heavily than profits. Svenska Spel is tasked with conducting responsible, sustainable and efficient operations. The surplus from operations is delivered to the owner, the State.

A key component of Svenska Spel's mandate relates to channelling. This means that Svenska Spel is to offer forms of gaming that can entail social risks if deemed to reduce gambling problems or stop illegal gambling. In other words, it is a question of moving (channelling) the gaming that already takes place to a healthier and more secure gaming environment and not increasing total gaming in society.

In order to accomplish its channelling mandate, Svenska Spel is to offer the games in demand by customers. While the customers put a premium on responsibility, it is the gaming experience they want foremost. By offering a more advanced customer experience in a secure and safe gaming environment, and by offering the option of gaming enjoyment based on responsibility, Svenska Spel will realise its vision – "Gaming shall be enjoyed by all!"