A customer-centric culture

Svenska Spel’s employees want to develop, test new solutions and feel that they have a mandate to take innovative decisions. This is the path to commitment and motivation. The Company’s values are increasingly important in being perceived as an attractive employer. Consequently, Svenska Spel strives to uphold a customer-centric, value-governed and innovative culture.

Svenska Spel’s priorities should be clear to its employees and they should know how they best can contribute to putting the customer in focus and achieving the Company’s vision and targets.


In an increasingly changing world, each employee is tasked with contributing every day to achieving our “Gaming shall be enjoyed by all” vision. Clear values define the framework. Svenska Spel’s values mean that our employees are...

... accessible ...

We listen to our customers and each other and develop long-term relations. We make it easy for our customers to select us by delivering the right games, at the right time and through the right channels. We contribute to customers’ overall experience by combining presence, speed and personal service.

... considerate ...

We care about our customers and work conscientiously to offer a secure, readily accessed gaming enjoyment. We are proud of our mandate with its focus on responsible gaming and we treat our environment – both internally and externally – with openness, respect and trust.

... and committed.

We love excitement and dreams, and deliver attractive games that offer enjoyment for everyone. To meet future competition and customer requirements, we ensure that innovative thinking, professionalism and effective implementation permeate all our work. We’re generous with our enthusiasm, endurance and drive – we offer our customers and each other that little extra. We seek inspiring leadership that promotes motivation and personal development.

Active work with values

Company values are a critical foundation for all operations and all employees. These help to profile the Company in relation to other gaming companies. The dialogue concerning Company values is tangible and values are a given part of induction courses, leader training, the new employee dialogue and all Company policies. Ongoing efforts with values will ensure that the values permeate throughout operations – from how decisions are made and how the Company’s employees interact with each other, customers and other stakeholders.

The values have played a pivotal part in, for example, activities ahead of the relocation of Svenska Spel’s Stockholm office to Arenastaden in Solna, which will take place during the spring of 2016. In addition to improving satisfaction, the new offices will promote the development of new work processes and forms of cooperation.

Improved target-driven management

Distinct target-driven management is the foundation for Svenska Spel’s approach to leading and developing operations. This works well today at an overall level, but the link between the Group’s overriding strategies and targets and the employees’ individual targets can be further clarified.

In recent years, Svenska Spel has a plan for the Company’s manager and employee dialogues that are based on more ­frequent follow-up and coaching for all employees. The employees themselves are highly responsible for monitoring their own results and discussing these with their supervisors on a regular basis. Focus on the strengths of individuals has increased through positive reinforcement and the dialogues contribute to easily evaluating how individuals act in relation to the Company’s values.

The right skills at all levels

For Svenska Spel to continue to develop, employees must be aware of what is expected of them and have the right preconditions to perform. Attracting, developing and retaining employees with the right skills is crucial for the Company’s competitiveness.

Svenska Spel works constantly with identifying long-term skills needs and clarifying career paths at the Company. The skills inventory is being implemented throughout the entire Company to analyse the current situation and future needs. The results are the basis for continued skills development and future recruitment.

To remain in the vanguard, it is vital that Svenska Spel recruits and retains expertise in the digital gaming area. Systems developers and web designers are examples of positions in demand. Svenska Spel endeavours to reach this target group through more intense social media presence, collaborations with universities and colleges as well as targeted events and campaigns.

Coaching leadership

Svenska Spel’s leaders must develop operations, their employees and themselves. In 2015, Svenska Spel has continued to invest in developing its leaders with a focus on coaching leadership. The significance that leadership plays in boosting employee commitment and participation cannot be overestimated.

Moving forward, focus will be on developing managers who lead other managers and how they can contribute to increasing the motivation of their subordinate managers and their staff members.

A separate course for top managers that started in 2015 focuses on Svenska Spel’s strategy and its implementation in full. 

The year’s talents face digital challenges

The succession of leaders within Svenska Spel is still in focus. The Company’s one-year talent programme has been a success and started again in January 2016, and then in a collaboration with Norsk Tipping.

The participants are given relevant assignments to solve as part of the programme. The digital field will be the main focus. Education company Hyper Island, which focuses on digital and interactive media, will join the programme as a partner to help develop and challenge the participants.

Commitment is a key indicator

In Svenska Spel’s annual employee surveys, employees are able to express their opinions regarding their work conditions and make suggestions on how it could be improved. Commitment is primarily impacted by how employees perceived they could influence their work, the level of independence and whether they feel that they develop at work.

The employee survey performed in 2015 revealed that employeeship is strong throughout Svenska Spel and that employee commitment has increased. The target index has increased both within the casino and the Parent Company. However, the employees feel that it takes too long to implement decisions at Svenska Spel.

Diversity and gender equality

Svenska Spel’s employees should reflect the mix of customers and Swedish society in general. Diversity contributes to a more creative environment and improved operations, and is accordingly an important competitive factor.

There is a relatively even gender balance at Svenska Spel, both at managerial and employee levels. The target is for the proportion of male and female managers to be within a range of 45–55%. At year-end, the proportion of female managers was 40% (38).

Even salary levels between genders is to be ensured and Svenska Spel conducts regular surveys to identify and rectify unreasonable differences in salary for similar work. The latest comparison has not uncovered any such differences.

Svenska Spel’s target is that the number of employees with a foreign background* should amount to at least 23% in the Group and at least 7% in the Parent Company. In 2015, the proportion of employees with a foreign background was 26% (22) in the Group and 5% (5) in the Parent Company.

To leverage its efforts to increase diversity within Svenska Spel, a partnership was initiated in the autumn with Mitt Liv, a company that advocates a labour market that to a greater extent puts a premium on diversity. Ten managers from Svenska Spel were given the opportunity to each mentor a person of foreign origin who lacked a job that corresponded to their qualifications in the Swedish labour market.

In the autumn of 2015, Svenska Spel trained managers in recruitment from a diversity perspective.

Work environment and health

The health and work environment of employees is a key success factor and an annual survey is conducted that forms the basis for Svenska Spel’s continued efforts in this area. This year’s survey shows unchanged results for employees’ health and the work environment.

All managers are responsible for the work environment and complete an obligatory work environment training programme. Focus is given to the issue since certain staff categories have vulnerable jobs in an environment that can be perceived as stressful and demanding.

Svenska Spel also invests heavily in wellness by facilitating exercise and other activities that lead to good physical and mental health.

What is happening in 2016?

  • Skills inventory and skills development at departmental and individual levels.
  • Training for managers at different levels.
  • Partnership in the area of diversity with the organisation Mitt Liv.
  • Casino Cosmopol starts recruitment collaboration with municipalities, the employment office and Lernia to increase diversity.
  • Further development of Svenska Spel’s corporate culture.
  • Initiatives to strengthen Svenska Spel’s employer branding, particularly within IT.
  • Health initiatives within all of Casino Cosmopol AB.
  • New responsible gaming course for all casino staff.
  • All employees are to be certified in Svenska Spel’s code of conduct.

*The Swedish government agencies’ definition of individuals with a foreign background is as follows: individuals born outside of Sweden or born in Sweden with two parents born outside of Sweden.