Comments on the CSR Report

Svenska Spel’s 2015 CSR report is presented as an integrated part of the Annual Report but is also published on Reporting follows the guidelines for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), version G4.

The report is issued once a year as part of the Annual Report. The report is valid for the 2015 calendar year and encompasses the Parent Company and subsidiaries. The most recent report (2014 CSR Report) was published in March 2015. A CSR report has been published every year since 2007.

The CSR Report describes Svenska Spel’s work and performance for the Company’s four target areas as well as sustainability issues of interest to the Company’s stakeholders.

The reported sustainability aspects and indicators are based on the stakeholder analysis performed in 2014 and the materiality analysis performed in 2015. These are described in more detail in the section Sustainable development.

This year’s CSR report is the second year the Company reports in accordance with the GRI-G4. In Svenska Spel’s assessment, the CSR Report meets the requirements imposed by Global Reporting Initiative G4 at the Core application level.

Sustainability information that has been examined by the auditors can be found on pages 4–7 and 12–43 (in the printed version). See the Assurance Report on page 97 in the printed version.

Svenska Spel committed to the UN Global Compact

In 2015, Svenska Spel joined the UN Global Compact and the initiative’s ten principles that are derived from internationally recognised regulatory frameworks including the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this manner, Svenska Spel ensures that the Company adopts a comprehensive approach in terms of its responsibility.

All companies participating in the UN Global Compact report how they fulfil the ten principles every year. For Svenska Spel, this is done through an annual communication on progress (COP) to the UN Global Compact which is then also published on Svenska Spel’s website.

Sustainability contact

The contact person for Svenska Spel’s overriding responsibility efforts is
Zenita Strandänger, Head of CSR
+46 10 120 00 00