The best and safest gaming experience

Svenska Spel is to offer the best and safest gaming experience, take steps to ensure that fewer customers develop gambling problems, and help customers to make informed choices.

In order to accomplish its responsible gaming mandate and promote a healthier gaming market, Svenska Spel must have a significant share of the gaming market. Svenska Spel should be customers’ first choice. New and exciting gaming experiences should go hand-in-hand with taking substantial responsibility. Svenska Spel is to retain a strong market position despite intensifying competition through a broad selection of products and services in many different channels and satisfied customers. An obvious element in a good gaming experience is that gaming with Svenska Spel feels safe.

Focus on the gaming experience

An attractive product offering is fundamental if the customers are to want to play with Svenska Spel. The Company has a large number of products that provide excitement and enjoyment to the entire population of Sweden.

Svenska Spel’s offering focuses on the gaming experience throughout the entire process: before – during – after. For many, being able to see how many correct they have on Stryktipset while the matches are being played is an exciting experience. It is possible to correct and comment on each other’s coupons, interact during the game itself and even after the game while correcting.

Regardless of whether the customer plays at a retailer, business partner or one of the Company’s casinos, on an online channel, paper lottery tickets or sports games, the impression of their interaction with Svenska Spel should be positive and contribute to the total experience. The objective is also for the customer to be able to switch between different devices without affecting the gaming experience. Communication with Svenska Spel in the form of, for example, an e-mail that lottery rows are about to expire or that a live update from a match is available via the mobile phone, is done through the channels requested and approved by the customer.

Those who have questions can turn to Svenska Spel’s customer service, open 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Systematic efforts to combat unethical behaviour

Svenska Spel works to highlight and prevent all forms of unethical behaviour. Customers must feel confident that gaming can be carried on in a safe and fair manner. Svenska Spel gives priority to efforts to prevent:

  • Match fixing
  • Money laundering
  • Illegal gaming machines

In 2015, Svenska Spel co-financed a report about match fixing from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. The purpose was to heighten awareness within the area and how Svenska Spel can help to curb it. One of the measures addressed in the report was to abstain from offering games where the results could be easier to manipulate, which Svenska Spel already does. Obligatory registration also provides Svenska Spel with better prerequisites for tracking and investigating events. In 2015, Svenska Spel reported one case of suspected match fixing to the police.

Svenska Spel’s casinos come under the Swedish Act on Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. In 2015, Casino Cosmopol reported 313 incidents (315) of unusual monetary transactions to the Financial Unit of the National Criminal Intelligence Police Service. All guests are identified, registered and monitored by cameras. A new EU directive will strengthen EU regulations concerning money laundering in 2016. Svenska Spel is working to prepare and modify its operations to the future legislation.

Svenska Spel regularly monitors if there are cases of illegal gaming machines among its business partners. In 2015, relationships with one retailer (two) was terminated due to having illegal gaming machines.

Retailers and business partners play a central role in customer interaction

A total of 70% of Svenska Spel’s customers prefer to play in a physical setting, such as a shop, restaurant or bingo hall. The social context and the excitement that comes with handing in a coupon or lottery ticket and meeting other players is for many an important aspect of the gaming experience at Svenska Spel. To be close to the customers, we have a nationwide network of retailers and partners who make our services available to the entire Swedish population.

For most customers, the retailers are Svenska Spel’s representatives and therefore key to how the Company is perceived. How retailers and business partners perceive relations with Svenska Spel is measured through the Partner Satisfaction Index (PSI). In 2015, PSI was 85 (82).

Svenska Spel meets, regularly trains and informs its retailers and business partners about various campaigns, investment areas and product news. The Retailer School trains new retailers in such areas as responsible gaming, game forms and customer interaction. In 2015, 363 individuals (319) completed the Retailer School and 1,648 (1,286) participated in other training courses. The meetings increase retailers’ commitment and ensures that they can convey Svenska Spel’s message to the customers, and explain the offering and responsible ­gaming in a knowledgeable and professional manner.


Gaming via digital channels is growing rapidly. This is where competition is toughest and this is where the fastest advances take place. Customers have high expectations regarding digital experiences and in 2014, Svenska Spel launched a new digital gaming platform for mobile phones and tablet devices with a new design, new functionality and new services.

In 2015, the gaming site at was also upgraded to the same platform. The new platform has a sports service that gives customers quick live updates and match results. The trend is heading toward increasingly social game forms and the new service allows customers to increase their chances of winning by playing together and sharing the amount staked.

Obligatory registration

The Swedish Data Protection Authority audited Svenska Spel in 2015 and found that obligatory registration is not in contravention of the Personal Data Protection Act. However, the Authority did have a few objections concerning the routines for how the Company secures written consent for processing sensitive personal data. Svenska Spel must also review how data is managed to support research about gambling problems.


Svenska Spel operates casinos in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall – Casino Cosmopol. The casinos offer attractive casino games combined with an exciting atmosphere, food and entertainment – a real casino. The personal contact guests enjoy when they visit one of Svenska Spel’s casinos is a clear competitive advantage. The ambition is to offer world-class hospitality combined with a focus on responsible gaming.


Customers have high expectations that Svenska Spel will take responsibility and show consideration. To offer customers good tools to monitor their gaming, Svenska Spel introduced obligatory registration for gaming in 2014.

On registration, customers receive information about how customer data is managed and are given the option to choose in what form they want to communicate with the Company. All employees complete a special course in how customer data may be managed to ensure customers’ integrity.


Svenska Spel endeavours to regularly develop and improve follow-up of the Group’s responsible gaming agenda. Gaming companies worldwide wrestle with the difficulties of clearly proving real and statistically significant effects of responsible gaming efforts to counter gambling problems. As a step in ensuring that Svenska Spel is on the right path in its follow-up efforts, a review of objectives and key indicators related to responsible gaming efforts was carried out in the spring of 2015. This process resulted in a new framework with three targets for the responsible gaming agenda: 1) Fewer of our customers have gambling problems, 2) Fewer of our customers develop gambling problems, and 3) More of our customers are aware of their gaming behaviour and make choices thereafter. The targets are intended to monitor various parts of Svenska Spel’s efforts to counter gambling problems. A break-even analysis will be carried out in 2016. The key indicators have also been supplemented to measure target fulfilment. Read more about Svenska Spel’s other operative key indicators for responsible gaming.


  • Launch of new games and services, with focus on live and multi-player games.
  • Launch of new Vegas game and an initiative to develop the gaming environment.
  • Development of a more attractive and inspiring gaming environment at retailers.
“We need to get better at identifying the early warning signs of gambling addiction and identifying risk groups. I see a lot of commitment from Svenska Spel, where they view research as part of their responsibility.”

Anders Håkansson, Associate Professor in addictive disorder focusing on gambling addiction

“The gaming industry has a huge responsibility for combating the growing problem of match fixing. Svenska Spel is participating in this debate and discussing the issue seriously.”

Johan Claesson, Swedish Sports Confederation, works to counter match fixing