Stakeholders prioritise responsible gaming

Svenska Spel regularly monitors the external perception of the Company’s responsibility. The analysis forms the basis for business development, activity prioritisation, and the design of the Company’s sustainability efforts.

Conclusions from earlier surveys and the ongoing dialogue conducted in 2015 are unequivocal. Responsible gaming is the most important area within the framework of Svenska Spel’s sustainability efforts and its agenda is relatively well-known outside the Company.

Business ethics and anti-corruption are another two prioritised areas. Both are strongly linked to gaming operations and prerequisites for long-term sustainable business and customers’ trust.

Diversity and gender equality issues are also rated relatively high by stakeholders, while areas such as working ­conditions, human rights and the environment are rated lower, even if the Company also takes a strategic and long-term approach to these matters.

Svenska Spel’s stakeholders feel that it is important that Svenska Spel produce attractive, safe and secure games as well as responsible gaming measures that are scientifically based. Stakeholders feel that research should focus on preventing gambling problems by identifying the underlying factors surrounding why some customers make the transition from players at risk to addiction.

Svenska Spel’s stakeholders

Svenska Spel’s prioritised stakeholders are those who are deemed to have the most influence over and greatest interest in Svenska Spel’s operations and sustainability agenda, namely the customers, owners, stakeholder organisations and employees.

The table below illustrates the issues stakeholders have prioritised in 2015 and how Svenska Spel has addressed these.

Stakeholder dialogue 2015

Stakeholders Examples of stakeholders’ expectations 2015   Examples of dialogues/activities in 2015
  • Combination of gaming enjoyment – responsible gaming
  • Attractive products and services
  • Option to limit gaming
  • Transparency
  • Support for sports and for gambling addiction
  • Expanded customer dialogue in social media
  • Customer support and complaint management
  • SEK 50 million to sports through Grass Roots
  • Launch of more games on mobile phones
  • Role model in the industry
  • Balance between attractive products and responsibility 
  • Coordinating body for preventing match fixing
  • Follow-up system for responsible gaming ­measures
  • Marketing based on social impact
  • Greater focus on diversity efforts through the Company’s sponsorship activities
  • Driving force in the Ethical Council of the Gaming Industry (SPER)
  • Dialogue with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
  • Partnership with the Swedish Sports Confederation against match fixing
  • Internal Ethical Council to coordinate the Company’s marketing communication
  • Training in human rights for the Company’s sponsorship recipients  
  • New sponsorship guideline formulated with focus on human rights and diversity
Stakeholder Organisations
  • Research and evaluation of the effects of responsible gaming measures
  • Communication regarding responsible gaming and problem gambling
  • Information to sports clubs about match fixing
  • Sponsorship efforts that focus on human rights and diversity
  • Participation in gambling addiction associations’ support groups
  • Ongoing dialogues with gambling addiction associations and treatment centres
  • Research Council and Research Day
  • Training of business partners and retailers in responsible gaming
  • Increased collaboration with the Swedish Football Association to counter match fixing
  • Skills development
  • Work environment and health
  • Communication and training
  • Internal training/courses
  • Internal talent programme
  • Employee reviews and salary dialogues
  • Annual employee survey
  • Union coordination
  • Further development of the intranet