Common questions about Svenska Spel

What is important in tomorrow’s gaming market?

It is essential to establish long-term sustainable regulations, where customer protection is at the top of the agenda and where all gaming companies compete on equal terms. Today, unregulated gaming companies operate and market themselves without paying tax in Sweden and without inspection from the ­Swedish authorities.

These unregulated companies opt to disregard the ban on advertising that applies for marketing activities and this, coupled with strict restrictions for the regulated companies, affords different advantages to the various competitors.

How does Svenska Spel address the issue of responsible gaming?

Svenska Spel makes it easy for its customers to keep track of their gaming behaviour. We do so through obligatory game registration that gives customers an easy overview of their gaming ­history and budget in terms of time and money. We also have a self-assessment test that allows customers to test their gaming habits and a tool that scans customers’ gaming behaviour and signals changes.

Svenska Spel also informs about the risks of gaming so that customers can make well-informed decisions about their gaming.

Why does Svenska Spel market its games?

Marketing our products is necessary if we are to compete and live up to our mandate to channel gaming from risky gaming environments to a more secure and safe environment. We operate in a competitive market where we have seen a marked increase in the offshore companies’ media investments.

The aim of our marketing is to make customers aware of and interested in our products and our responsible gaming approach. Responsibility and consideration comes naturally to us, which is why we take a restrictive attitude to marketing risky games.

Why does Svenska Spel want to offer online casino games?

Svenska Spel’s mandate means – if it can curb illegal gambling in uncontrolled forms – providing game forms that entail risks. It is therefore reasonable that Svenska Spel offers online casino games to give customers a more secure alternative where, for example, it is mandatory to set a budget in terms of time and money, and where customers will not be drawn by gaming drives such as free spins or bonuses.

Online casino gaming is growing rapidly and the gaming that takes place today with unregulated gaming companies is outside the control and insight of Swedish authorities.

Why does Svenska Spel offer Vegas?

Ultimately, the Swedish Parliament decided that the gaming form Vegas is to be available in Sweden and that Svenska Spel should be responsible for this game. The aim with Vegas is to channel customer demand for the game from illegal gaming machines in uncontrolled environments to legal gaming machines in controlled environments.

How does Svenska Spel address the issue of human rights?

Our sustainability efforts have long been based on our core business, namely a healthy and safe gaming market. In our collaboration with sports, we have focused on fairness, gender equality and diversity. We are now strengthening this dimension. For example, we have new sponsorship guidelines in which we demand more of our business partners, such as requiring that they drive human rights issues in forums to which they have access.

Svenska Spel also has a code of conduct for suppliers that includes requirements related to human rights. In 2015, the Company joined the UN Global Compact.