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Intense competition squeezes market share

Since 2007, Svenska Spel’s market share has declined from 56% to 48%. The decline is attributable to unregulated competition, restrictive granting of permits to Svenska Spel and declining revenue due to responsible gaming measures aimed at protecting customers.

The gaming market is growing in absolute values in parallel with the player base shrinking; fewer individuals playing for larger amounts.  In 2013, net gaming ­revenue for the regulated Swedish gaming companies totalled SEK 17,323 million (17,287) according to the Swedish ­Gambling Authority. After adding the ­foreign-based online operators’ net gaming revenue to that of the Swedish gaming market, about SEK 3,100 million (2,700), according to Svenska Spel’s estimates, the total known Swedish gaming market amounted in 2013 to about SEK 20,400 million (20,000).

 In 2013, Svenska Spel’s market share was 48% (49), ATG accounted for 18% (19) and other regulated gaming companies increased their market share to 19% (18). The foreign-based online operators increased their market share to about 15% (14) according to Svenska Spel’s ­Estimates.

In the online and mobile markets, ­Svenska Spel has a net market share of 23% (24), ATG 24% (26), NGO games and lotteries 2% (1) and foreign-based online operators 50% (49).