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Focus on sustainability


Svenska Spel has raised its ambitions for sustainability and has established new sustainability targets for operations.

Focus on sustainability

Svenska Spel’s sustainability efforts are aimed at creating value for customers and other stake­holders. The efforts should contribute to a more sustainable society, through actions including responsible gaming measures to protect con­sumers. During the year, Svenska Spel established new sustainability targets.

Svenska Spel’s efforts to attain a long-term sustainable development derive from its mandate to conduct gaming operations in a responsible manner. Responsibility should ­comprise a clear element of the experience and an appreciated added value when customers choose where they want to play.

Svenska Spel reports its sustainability efforts integrated into the company’s four target areas: Customers, Responsibility, Employees and Professionalism. Read more about our targets and target fulfilment here.

Based on its mandate, the Board of Svenska Spel has set the following long-term sustainability targets:

Responsible gaming

  • Take a leading position in the responsible gaming area.
  • Real impact on problem gaming.
  • Appreciated responsibility measures.

The targets mean that Svenska Spel will lead the development of tomorrow’s gaming market and explore new possibilities of measuring and following up the effects of responsibility ­initiatives. Read more.

Business ethics

Svenska Spel’s goal is to highlight and prevent unethical behaviour, both internally and externally. Svenska Spel is explicit that its operations must not be used for money laundering or other criminal activities. Customers must feel confident that the company combats gaming-related corruption so that gaming can be carried on in a safe and fair manner. Read more in "Strategic target areas".

The environment

An internal environmental investigation was performed in 2012, which showed that the company’s most significant impact on the environment was through business travel and production of material. Svenska Spel wants to lower the company’s climate impact and, accordingly, has decided on a new environmental target. The company’s target means a reduction in climate impact. Read about the target here.

Working conditions and human rights

Svenska Spel’s code of conduct for suppliers is under revision and will be implemented in 2014. The code sets requirements regarding responsibility for human rights, good working conditions, combating corruption and for the environment in the company’s own operations as well as in the supply chain.

Diversity and equality

The company should increase internal awareness of diversity issues and increase the number of female managers in the Group. Read more.


Svenska Spel has clear policies and guidelines for operations. Employees are not permitted to accept gifts, services or other benefits from suppliers or other business partners. Svenska Spel’s procurement activities comply with the Public Procurement Act (2007:109 LOU). The company has also put in place a whistle-blower function that enables employees to anonymously report suspected irregularities in the company.

Responsibility, governance and implementation

Responsibility for sustainability efforts is an integral component of day-to-day operations. Ultimate responsibility lies with the Board. In the Group management, primary responsibility rests with the Communication Director. The mandate from the owner includes guidelines on how sustainability efforts should be pursued.

Svenska Spel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) unit is included in the Communication & CSR staff function with responsibility for overall policies, strategies, processes, tools and key indicators in respect of responsibility issues. The CSR department is responsible for reporting the Group’s sustainability issues included in the Annual Report. These areas are governed by policies that are revised, decided and followed up by the Board on an annual basis. Deviation reports are submitted on an ongoing basis in the CEO’s reports.

A responsible gaming council and an environmental council have been established under the supervision of the CSR unit, with representatives from the company’s various operations. The purpose is to support the implementation of the overall responsibility goals and key indicators, and the monitoring of sustainability efforts.