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Frida Stenqvist, Security Manager Casino Cosmopol

Frida Stenqvist has worked at Svenska Spel’s casino in Gothenburg since it opened 11 years ago. Now she is one of fourteen employees who have been chosen to join the recently started talent programme.

What is your role and what challenges do you find in your work?

“As Security Manager, I have overall responsibility for security at the Gothenburg casino and for the employees in our department. This entails everything from coaching staff to ensuring that our guests and employees have a safe and secure environment. Since we handle substantial cash flows, we work under high expectations for handling these responsibly. At a local level, I am also in charge of our responsible gaming efforts. I have a Responsible Gaming Manager and highly committed staff to help me with this.”

What sets Svenska Spel apart as an employer?

“Svenska Spel prioritises responsibility ahead of profit, which provides me with excellent conditions for creating a safe environment for guests and personnel. There are excellent opportunities to progress for those who want to and commit to it. I started as a cashier and receptionist and have advanced through various positions to that of Security ­Manager. For many of our young employees, we are their first contact with working life and it is both enjoyable and challenging as a manager to have a role to play in that context.”

How does the talent programme work?

“We are fourteen participants from various parts of the company, both ­managers and specialists. The programme runs over a one-year period and we will meet a couple of days each month for various lectures and exercises. One of the aims is for us to gain a better insight into the work of the Group management. We have already received our first assignment from the management and been given a free hand to resolve it within the group. Ahead of the next task, we will be assigned a mentor at Group management level.”

What are your expectations of the programme?

“I believe it will give my career a boost in the form of new energy, new angles of approach and a fantastic network. Like any other programme, we undergo tests that provide us with deeper self-awareness. I hope I will also have a greater understanding for the different processes and for how I influence the organisation. It is easy to be blind to one’s own weaknesses in the role one has.”