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Svenska Spel's environmental initiatives

Svenska Spel has a relatively limited impact on the environment, but works to constantly improve and act as a model of good practice. The company focuses efforts on the four areas in which it has identified its greatest impact: business travel, materials/products, energy and freight transportation.

Sustainability target for 2016

Based on the score for 2013, the total climate impact of Svenska Spel’s focus areas will be reduced by 10% in 2016.

Business travel

Offices in two locations, casinos in four cities, and retailers and business partners across the country make business travel a necessity and it is in this area that Svenska Spel has its primary environmental impact. Accordingly, the company’s employees are encouraged to be efficient and plan meetings so as to minimise travel and to use video and teleconferencing as much as possible. There are a total of about 30 video-conference facilities at the company that are used on a daily basis. About 95% of Svenska Spel’s company cars are classed as green cars. ­Business travel is followed up on a quarterly basis.


Svenska Spel is a major consumer of paper in the form of gaming programmes, ticket rolls, gaming coupons and so forth. Accordingly, optimising consumption of materials is a prioritised area. In 2013, a decision was made regarding a major investment in a project to enable retailers to control the quantity of material delivered. Data gathering will commence in 2014.


By means of constant improvements and energy-saving measures, Svenska Spel attempts to reduce energy consumption. Renewable energy has been introduced in all of Svenska Spel’s properties since 2011. A three-year project is ongoing to implement LED lighting in all casinos.

Freight transportation

Every week, Svenska Spel sends gaming programmes, coupons and advertising material to its retailers. Transportation has been optimised and freight has transitioned from being the largest source of emissions to comprising only 5% of Svenska Spel’s climate impact.