Svenska SpelSvenska Spel

Carin Kappe, Government Offices of Sweden

As an administrator at the Unit for Regulatory Control, Statistics and Gaming Regulations, Carin Kappe is responsible for preparing ­supporting documentation to enable ministers to make well-informed decisions pertaining to Swedish gaming regulations. Dialogue with ­Svenska Spel is an important part of her work.

How would you describe your dialogue with Svenska Spel?

“I have contact with Svenska Spel on occasions, such as when the ­company submits an application for a permit for a new game. The company is also obligated to report its responsible gaming efforts, ­primarily pertaining to online poker and video lottery terminal games. I meet Svenska Spel on an ongoing basis to discuss these issues.”

What is Svenska Spel’s role in the gaming market?

“Given that Svenska Spel is state-owned with a significant market share, the company has a very important role. Svenska Spel is one of the government’s tools for implementing gaming policy, where responsible gaming, in particular, is central. It is a difficult balancing act to offer attractive and interesting games, in parallel with working with responsible gaming in a credible manner. Svenska Spel already performs at a high standard, but it requires continuous work.”

What are your views about the prospects for the Swedish gaming market?

“The government has notified that no major re-regulation is ongoing and, instead, developments in Sweden and other countries must be observed to gather more information. Accordingly, we will carefully monitor developments in the gaming market and study the effects of different regulations. A key element in this work is ensuring the reintroduction of effective sanctions against those that breach the ban on advertising.

The technical development of the gaming market poses another challenge. For example, there is talk that social games, which may use a platform such as Facebook, and games for monetary gain are in the process of approaching each other. Such a development would pose a challenge for gaming regulators and traditional gaming companies, such as Svenska Spel, which holds no permits for that type of gaming.”