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Daniel Löfblom, customer

Daniel Löfblom, 26, works as a machine operator at Sandvik and views his gaming as a pleasant pastime on his days off. He thinks that it is a good thing that Svenska Spel provides customers with the possibility to have better awareness of their gaming, when the log-in system is implemented on Vegas.

How much time do you spend gaming and on which types of games?

“I’m not a frequent player. Once or twice a week I go to my favourite place, Eightball in Sandviken, and have a coffee or a beer, play pool, chat and socialise. Eightball has Vegas machines which I usually play on and sometimes I play online poker.”

What do you think about Svenska Spel introducing the log-in tool on Vegas?

“If the aim is for people to become more aware of their gaming, I think it’s a good idea. Information is posted around the machines about gambling addiction but that sort of information is a little more difficult to absorb. Some play for substantial sums of money and the possibility of setting limits for both time and money mean that one becomes more aware.”

Has it had any effect on your own gaming?

“It has had no great impact on me. I don’t play for the sort of sums that would require setting a budget, but the tool and the possibility are good things. It is possible to play without logging in, but then not all the games are accessible, so I normally log in with the Spelkortet customer card. I know a few customers had trouble logging in initially, but we all help and the staff were very helpful.”

Do you think that Svenska Spel takes responsibility?

“Yes I do. They provide information and tools for us as customers and I know they hold training courses for the staff at their business partners. When you look at advertising from foreign operators, it appears to be really easy to win money. They use different methods to attract new players, such as bonuses and offers. Svenska Spel doesn’t, which makes them more professional.”

* In August, Svenska Spel started the implementation of log-in possibilities with the Spelkortet customer card on the Vegas video lottery terminals. The card allows customers to set limits in terms of time and money for how much they want to play. You can only access all of the games when logged in on Vegas.