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Mike Markarian, restaurateur and business partner

Mike Markarian and his brother have operated the restaurant and pool hall in Sandviken for twelve years. The Vegas VLTs are part of the offering and Eightball was an early adopter of the Spelkortet customer card log-in system for the VLTs.

Can you describe your partnership with Svenska Spel?

“We have worked with Svenska Spel for twelve years and have an ex­­cellent partnership. They are professional and helpful, we also receive good support and information about launches or other changes, such as the Spelkortet customer card log-in for Vegas*. As one of the pilot cases for the project, my staff and I were invited to Stockholm to receive information.”

What is your approach to responsibility at the restaurant?

“Responsibility is a common thread throughout our business. Once a week, we have a staff meeting, in which we go through everything from how we enforce age limits and serve alcohol to how we ensure the happiness of guests and staff and provide them with a safe environment. We strive to be accessible, provide service and answer questions. The Vegas VLTs are not secluded in a corner but are integrated into our offering.”

How has implementing the new responsible gaming tool for Vegas gone?

“It has exceeded expectations. Support from Svenska Spel has been an important success factor. Our understanding of the reasons and our ­positive attitude has rubbed off on the customers. We also had representatives from Svenska Spel on site to answer questions when the ­system was introduced. Guests had mixed reactions, but now things have mellowed. We have even seen chain reactions where players help and explain to one another.”

Do you think that Svenska Spel takes responsibility?

“Yes, not least when you compare with foreign operators who attract customers with bonuses and the like. Svenska Spel has worked intensively with responsible gaming for many years and the log-in system for Vegas is a natural development. I believe stricter rules about responsible gaming are coming from the EU and that this is something we will have to get used to. I view it as a move in the right direction.”

* In August, Svenska Spel started the implementation of log-in possibilities with the Spel­kortet customer card on the Vegas VLTs. The card allows customers to set limits in terms of time and money for how much they want to play. You can only access all of the games when logged in on Vegas.