Annual Report 2017


The best and safest gaming experience

An exciting and entertaining gaming experience is necessary if customers are to choose Svenska Spel instead of other alternatives. We have a large number of products in sports games, games of chance and casino games that provide both excitement and enjoyment.

Focus on the gaming experience

We focus on the experience throughout the entire process: before – during – after. Irrespective of whether customers play at a retailer, a restaurant, a casino or on a mobile phone or computer, we want their interface with Svenska Spel to be positive and to promote a positive complete experience. Our customer satisfaction index (CSI) for the year reached 68 (68), which confirms that we are doing the right things for our customers.

Innovation and development of new games

Customer expectations in terms of new experiences and games increase in pace with digitisation and technical advances in society. Our innovation agenda is built on a close dialogue with customers in focus groups, customer surveys and customer behaviour analyses. Focus is primarily on the development of social game forms, enhanced usability and convenience, new gaming experiences, revamping our games of chance and sports games, and the development of mobile services.

Responsible gaming has an impact

Part of Svenska Spel’s mandate is to offer customers a safer gaming environment. For Svenska Spel, it is evident that the best gaming experience is safe and responsible. It is a part of our “Gaming shall be enjoyed by all” vision. Responsible gaming must be consistent, and it must be tailored to the individual. The responsible gaming programme is based on the risk level of the game forms and the customer’s gaming habits. Games with higher risks are altered or provided with enhanced customer protection and/or preventive responsible gaming tools. The basis for our responsible gaming is that all gaming, except for the sale of paper lottery tickets and Casino Cosmopol games, is registered. Registration also reduces the risk of fraud in the form of match fixing and money laundering. Based on the game’s risk level, customers are offered different tools to monitor their gaming, such as the possibility of setting limits for time and money. Responsible gaming is constantly being developed and improved, as are the options for measuring the effects of measures and tools. Awareness index monitors if the customers are aware of how they are playing and if they receive the help they need through the information and tools we offer. The tools include Mina Spelvanor “Gaming tracking”, Svenska Spel’s tool that signals customers when their gaming habits are starting to become more risky. Use of the tool is voluntary for customers. We work actively to motivate customers to find and use the tool because it is an effective way of reducing the risk of gambling problems. “Spela lagom” (Play in moderation) is our initiative to give customers and relatives information and advice on healthy gaming and motivate them to consider their behaviour. The content in the Spela Lagom site has been designed together with experts and scientists in the field of gambling addiction. It has been translated into English and a condensed version is available in another 13 languages.

What is happening in 2018?

  • Further development of the gaming experience in mobile phones, including through new apps.
  • More focus on personal interaction, both physically and digitally.
  • Installation of new retailer terminal at retailers, and the discontinuation of customer cards.
  • Continue customisation of responsible gaming.
  • Ensure adjustments to new gaming legislation 2019.

Read more about how Svenska Spel works towards offering the best and safest gaming experience. Download the Annual Report 2017 here.

The overriding strategy “Gaming enjoyment and responsibility” is broken down into three perspectives for value creation: customer, employee and owner.

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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