Annual Report 2017

Highlights 2017

Crackdown on match fixing

During the year, we took strong action to stop criminal elements operating in sports. In addition to the national collaborations against match fixing that are in place, Svenska Spel takes other measures such as monitoring stakes and odds fluctuations, and registering gaming in order to provide good data to the police and prosecutor, and restricts stakes and limits the selection of games. All to make it harder to cheat.

Proactive anti-match fixing efforts

We are strongly committed to counteracting match fixing in Sweden. We welcome a gaming fraud law so that cheaters can be prosecuted. In our opinion, match fixing is a threat to sports and gaming companies alike and must be stopped. Svenska Spel registers all gaming and identifies every customer to increase security and makes it easier to investigate suspected matches. We do not offer games where results are easily manipulated, such as games in lower divisions or individual match events. We hope that other gaming companies will follow suit.

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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