Annual Report 2017

Interview with the Chairman

We will continue to be market leading

Much has happened since Erik Strand assumed the role of Chairman of the Board for Svenska Spel in 2016. The gaming license investigation has been presented and we are probably facing the biggest change in the gaming market in modern times. The Board has an important role to plan in change management. We spoke with Erik Strand about his perspective on Svenska Spel’s future.

What position will Svenska Spel have in a changed gaming market?

“There is only one position – to continue as market leader and to be the natural choice for safe and secure gaming. Svenska Spel has enormous two-pronged strength. We have the most customers and we are owned by the Swedish people. Our ambition is to uphold our strength and leading position.

“Our task as Board is to ensure that Svenska Spel’s management has the right prerequisites to act in order to maintain and advance this leading position, regardless of what the market looks like. But we must also ensure that we represent the owners and do everything we can to preserve and increase Svenska Spel’s value.”

Is Svenska Spel prepared for a new market?

“We feel well-prepared, even if the preparations from an operative and practical perspective will proceed until the end. We have great strength in Svenska Spel’s position today, and in our extensive expertise and experience.

“But, and this is important, we must also be willing to change. We have to change in order to handle the major transition facing us. When it comes to change, we all have different feelings and abilities to change, but as a company we want to welcome and embrace change.

“I view change as a very positive thing. Change is the force behind mankind’s development and change is something positive that we can influence. Change is not a threat if you are well-prepared, and Svenska Spel is. We look forward to an evolving gaming market on equal terms.”

We look forward to an evolving gaming market on equal terms.

What significance will Svenska Spel have for Swedish sports in the future?

“Svenska Spel will continue to be an important factor in Swedish sports. We have invested in sports since 1934 and we expect to continue this cooperation. We want to be part of developing Swedish sports, from amateur sports to elite.

“Over the past year, we carried out a joint initiative to get more people moving called Framåt för fler i rörelse together with the Swedish Sports Confederation and others. The ambition behind this initiative is to be committed community members and help to curb the growing trend of sedentary behaviour and inactivity among children and young people. Through the partnership, we can involve the entire sports movement – including every ­special association and all the way to the club level. This means that we can make a difference for even more people. It is good for the people of Sweden, for Swedish sports and for Svenska Spel.”

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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