Annual Report 2017

Highlights 2017

Progress for Swedish sports

Collaboration with sports has been an important part of Svenska Spel’s history since 1934. This gives customers a better experience while simultaneously contributing to the development of sports at all levels. Svenska Spel supports several of Sweden’s national teams, but also invests in developing talent, breadth and youth sports.

Support to diversity agenda through football

When Svenska Spel was event host at the World Championship between Sweden and France on 9 June, inspiration for the entire arrangement was our commitment to “Everyone is different – different is good.” The match balls were carried by girls from Ronjabollen in Uppsala, which received economic support from the fund in 2016. Pictured is Lennart Käll with Sofia Bergström from Ronjabollen. Football is a positive force and plays an important role in public health and integration. Together with ICA and the Swedish Football Association, Svenska Spel distributes SEK 2 million to projects within the association’s member associations under the motto “Alla är olika – olika är bra” (“Everyone is different – different is good”). The aim is to support the associations’ diversity, integration and gender equality efforts.

It’s worth gold

Thanks to the close partnership with sports, we can give our customers a greater experience while contributing to the development of sports at all levels. Making a difference everywhere is important to Svenska Spel. Today we support the national teams, but we also invest millions in developing talent, breadth and youth sports. This year, as proud head sponsor, we celebrated the World Championship gold medal earned by the women’s floorball team in Bratislava.

Customers support their favourite teams

In 2017, some 493,000 customers supported their favourite teams via Svenska Spel’s initiative “Gräsroten – SEK 50 million to youth sports”. Customers register their favourite associations which then earn points when the customer plays. SEK 50 million is distributed every year according to how many points the associations have amassed. Some 8,300 associations representing all of the Swedish Sports Confederation’s 71 sports are registered with Gräsroten.

Sports bring people together

Swedish sports shall be inclusive and Svenska Spel want to facilitate for sports to be a positive force. In the autumn of 2016, the book Sportsvenska för invandrare (Swedish sports terms for immigrants) was launched that will give immigrants insight into Swedish sports terms and ease their transition into society. The book was compiled by Svenska Spel together with the several sports federations, Lernia and ABF, and has been printed in several editions. It was awarded the 2017 Multicultural Marketing award in one of the world’s largest PR competitions, the Sabre Awards, and won gold in the Content Marketing category at Spinngalan 2017, Sweden’s largest PR competition. In addition, the book also won gold in the European Excellence Awards in the Corporate Responsibility category.

Progress for more people in motion

A sedentary lifestyle is a growing problem in our society. Research shows that three out of four children do not get enough physical activity. Consequently, Svenska Spel is investing SEK 150 million over a three-year period to, in partnership with the Swedish Sports Confederation and sports movement, encourage more people to get active. Through agreements with some 60 specialised sports associations, we provide opportunities for Idrottssverige (sporting Sweden) to create activities and enhance commitment to this important issue.

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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