Annual Report 2017

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“Many good forces have joined together”

Football holds a special place in the heart of Anders Wikström, Svensk Elitfotboll’s anti-match fixing coordinator since 2016. The former Allsvenskan football player sees collaboration as a key in efforts to keep sports free from outer influences.

What effect does match fixing have on sports and customers?

Regardless of whether you are a gaming customer or a supporter, match fixing is reprehensible. It is an attack on the sport that damages its credibility. If we start to question whether results are fixed in advance, the sport loses its soul.

Explain the anti-match fixing efforts.

Svenska Spel and Svensk Elitfotboll have collaborated for a long time, most recently in the anti-match fixing project that I head. My role is mainly proactive and is a question of informing players and leaders in Allsvenskan and Superettan how they should handle the risks of match fixing. But it is also reactive since I coordinate communication when something happens. The Swedish Football Association and the police are responsible for investigating any suspicion of match fixing. Ultimately, this means that many good forces have joined together.

What responsibility does the gaming industry have?

That the product, the match in this case, is credible is as important for gaming companies as for football. Therefore, the gaming industry should only offer matches in series that have high transparency and a lower risk of match fixing. Betting on “non-match-decisive events”, such as throw-ins and yellow cards, or on competitions where the participants are under 18 years of age should not be offered. I am pleased that Svenska Spel has taken a staunch stand and refrains from offering these game forms. I hope you continue to advocate this issue and influence other companies in the same direction.

What do you think about the future – will we be able to eradicate match fixing?

The only credible vision in terms of match fixing is a zero tolerance. We must make it as impossible as we can for the criminals and minimise the risk of attacks on sports. I have great hopes for the new anti-match fixing legislative proposal that is in the gaming investigation. It needs to be easier to convict the perpetrators.

“Everyone plays an equally important role”

Sustainability expert Parul Sharma shares her view of how Sweden and Svenska Spel can contribute to realising the goals.

“I hope the companies honour their duty to show consideration”

Henrik Armus is Chairman of the Swedish National Association for Gambling Addicts. As chairman with a personal history of gambling addiction, he can personally relate to many of the difficulties that the members face.

“Running makes me more effective”

A high pace and exciting challenges in the gaming industry prompted Hanna Radtke Bergström to apply for a job at Svenska Spel.

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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