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Focus on technology

The notion that IT is more a driver in business than a support function was what attracted Hanna Lindqvist to Svenska Spel. Via a new digital platform, customers are offered a broad range of games and services on mobile phones, computers and tablet devices. To continue to remain in the vanguard, we must primarily recruit and retain expertise in the digital gaming area and put a lot of effort in partnerships, innovation and skills development within the area.

Hi Hanna Lindqvist, IT Development Manager since April 2017

The notion that IT is more a driver in business than a support function was what attracted Hanna Lindqvist to Svenska Spel. Most recently, she was CIO of Teracom/Boxer where she worked for nine years, driving digitisation and new technology issues.

Development manager in IT sounds like a broad sphere of responsibility. Can you explain your role for us?
I am responsible for the development of our transaction systems, networks, apps and everything else customers interact with in terms of IT. We operate in a competitive market and our customers expect everything to be top-notch. This means that we have to be in the vanguard and make sure we have the necessary resources and expertise to move forward.

And where are you now?
In terms of technology, Svenska Spel is very progressive, which surprised me. There is a forward-thinking attitude that we need to learn how to market better to potential employees. I am also proud of our innovative procedures for delivering products and services. We have set up cross-functional teams that work independently and have a mandate to drive advances within their field. Because resource optimisation is critical, you work where you are best needed. This turns us into an effective delivery ­apparatus.

Why would a developer with cutting-edge expertise want to work at Svenska Spel?
Because he or she will have the chance to work in an environment distinguished by innovative thinking together with other talented developers, new technologies and new processes. We mustn’t forget that those who already work for us are incredibly talented which means that we can offer colleagues that can challenge and teach others.

What is your primary focus now and looking ahead?
To secure our ability to deliver and to do so we need more people.
We work actively to position ourselves so that, for example, students at universities and colleges are made aware of what a good workplace Svenska Spel is. To accomplish this, I also have to hold onto the staff we have and make sure they are satisfied with their jobs, have ­challenging tasks and feel both seen and needed.

Innovation in international partnership

Speedy and effective development of new number games and gaming experiences. That is the task for innovation hub CoLab which started in December 2017. The hub is backed by gaming companies in six countries – Norsk Tipping, Francais des Jeux, Camelot UK Lotteries, Svenska Spel, Danske Lotteri Spil and Finnish Veikkaus. To start, innovation hub CoLab will design number games for young adults. Concepts will be tested, designed and developed according to a model aimed at shortening lead times to market. They can then be launched in one or more of the markets that are part of the partnership. The innovation hub will be able to create and test several new concepts more quickly and effectively than each company can separately. The collective knowledge and experience that each company has of its respective markets, combined with CoLab’s creative environment, is expected to lead to high-quality game concepts.

Hackathon – a creative workshop

Skills development, new insights and team building. All aspects were present when Svenska Spel’s web developers went on an annual hackathon to spend one day delving deep into programming and technologies they don’t have time for in their day-to-day work. The aim is to form teams that explore and inspire ideas for innovative, technical solutions. These ideas are presented on the final day and the team that earns most votes will arrange next year’s hackathon.

Focus on women’s IT skills

Svenska Spel wants to play a part in promoting more women in IT development! In 2017, Svenska Spel organised a coding event together with Tjejer kodar (Girls who code) – an initiative aimed at encouraging more women to start programming. Interest in the event was so great that we ran out of tickets.

Jessica Zetterlund is Systems Manager at Svenska Spel. Two women and twenty-two men work in her unit, and she is eager to have access to more of the perspective and experience that women can offer.
“We most definitely need more women who code today. I see gender equality as a positive force, regardless of the job. But particularly when it comes to creating new, exciting ideas and ­solutions.”

We definitely need more women who code today; it is a question of creating new, exciting ideas and solutions.

Event participants were given an introduction to, and a new understanding of how developers can benefit from Open Source. Jessica Zetterlund is keen to recommend that more women take the chance to work in systems development at Svenska Spel. “One of the evening’s objectives was obviously to showcase Svenska Spel as the IT company we are. And connect with new talents.


Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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