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Everyone plays an equally important role

In 2015, the UN adopted 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Sustainability expert Parul Sharma shares her view of how Sweden and Svenska Spel can contribute to realising the goals.

What is Sweden’s status vis-à-vis the Global Goals?

Within Sweden’s borders, we are doing well in efforts addressing “green goals”. But from a global perspective we are one of the ten biggest culprits in terms of CO2 per capita. The reason for this is that much of what we consume is manufactured outside Sweden. Our greatest challenge is therefore to work toward Goal 12 –­ ­sustainable consumption and production. We need to significantly step up our efforts here, both at a national level and business level.

What can businesses do?

Everyone plays an equally important role and we must cooperate to ensure that what we consume is produced with consideration to the environment and social factors. Just because companies apply recycling and re-use policies is no guarantee that production is done in a fair manner. Companies must take a greater hold of the supply chain, audit their suppliers and communicate the results. If everyone does that, then we will make strong inroads towards Goal 12.

I am impressed by Svenska Spel’s knowledge and initiatives, and how the Company cooperates with other companies on this problem.

What other goal areas are important? 

Sweden is the OECD country where economic and social gaps have widened the most since the 1990s. Among other things, we are the country in Europe where it is hardest for people from non-European countries to find work. In this area, every company, Svenska Spel included, can strive toward higher diversity in its workforce, both by bringing in employees with different ethnicities, but also with various forms of disabilities. In this way, they can contribute to Goals 5 and 10 which address gender equality and reduced inequality.

In which area has Svenska Spel made the most progress?

Obviously, in the area of gambling addiction. I am impressed by Svenska Spel’s knowledge and ­initiatives, and how the Company cooperates with other companies on this problem. I hope that other ­companies will be inspired and realise that efforts addressing sustainability issues must be based on know-how and understanding if the initiatives are to have the intended effect.

“I hope the companies honour their duty to show consideration”

Henrik Armus is Chairman of the Swedish National Association for Gambling Addicts. As chairman with a personal history of gambling addiction, he can personally relate to many of the difficulties that the members face.

“Running makes me more effective”

A high pace and exciting challenges in the gaming industry prompted Hanna Radtke Bergström to apply for a job at Svenska Spel.

“Many good forces have joined together”

Football holds a special place in the heart of Anders Wikström, Svensk Elitfotboll’s antimatch fixing coordinator since 2016.

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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