Annual Report 2017


Committed employees

Our company values are a critical foundation for operations and all employees. These help to profile Svenska Spel in relation to other gaming companies. The dialogue concerning values is important and a natural part of introduction courses, leader training and employee dialogues.

Code of Conduct guides employees

Svenska Spel highlights and prevents unethical behaviour, both internally and externally. The Code of Conduct describes the Company’s approach to responsible and professional conduct. The Code describes how we employees are to behave towards each other, customers, suppliers, retailers, business partners and others.

The right skills at all levels

Attracting, engaging and developing employees with the right skills is crucial for our competitiveness. It is important that the employees have clear targets and the right conditions to perform. In 2017, we launched a course that aims to increase knowledge about our own products and strengthen the ability to always focus on the customer. The course is for all employees and is expected to help elevate dedication and pride.

Commitment is a key indicator

Commitment is determined by how employees perceive they can influence their work, their level of independence and that they feel that they develop. In turn, employee commitment is fundamental in Svenska Spel being perceived as an attractive and competitive employer.

Diversity and gender equality

We believe that a company in which the mix of employees reflects that of society is better able to understand and take care of its customers. Diversity and an equal-opportunity workplace contribute to more creative and dynamic operations. The gender balance at Svenska Spel is relatively even, both at managerial and employee levels. The target is a gender distribution among managers that is within a range of 45–55%. At the end of the year, the division was 35% (40) female managers and 65% (60) male managers. Because progress is not going in the expected direction, we will quality assure recruitment processes and ensure that all applicants have the same opportunities to apply for vacant positions. To develop our diversity agenda, we partner with Mitt Liv, a company that advocates a labour market that to a greater extent puts a premium on diversity. To leverage efforts to increase diversity, the managers and HR will receive training in recruitment with a diversity perspective and greater insight into unconscious discrimination.

Work environment and health

The health and work environment of employees is a key success factor. Twice a year, a work environment survey is conducted that forms the basis for Svenska Spel’s initiatives. All managers are responsible for the work environment and complete an obligatory work environment training programme.

What is happening in 2018?

  • Initiatives to define Svenska Spel’s offer as an attractive employer, particularly in engineering.
  • Continued investments to improve the physical work environment.
  • Modify the organisation to suit a new licensed market.

Svenska Spel’s company values

All employees at Svenska Spel shall contribute to realising the vision – Gaming shall be enjoyed by all. To achieve this, the Company has a clear course. The values describe how the employees focus on the customer and behave towards each other. Employees at Svenska Spel are:

… Accessible…

We listen to our customers and each other. We contribute to customers’ gaming experience by combining presence, speed and personal service through expertise and good internal collaboration.

… Considerate…

We care about our customers and work conscientiously to offer a simple, secure and enjoyable gaming experience. We take pride in our mandate and put responsibility before profits. We are good colleagues, team players and we treat each other well.

... Committed...

We are proactive and let innovative thinking, creativity and effective implementation permeate all our work. We give that little bit extra to each other and our customers.

Read more about how Svenska Spel works to achieve employee commitment. Download the Annual Report 2017 here.

The overriding strategy “Gaming enjoyment and responsibility” is broken down into three perspectives for value creation: customer, employee and owner.

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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